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  1. rmotoxdad52


    anybody have input on procurcuit slip on vs full sys. or fmf slip on. Ive been told most of the gain is in the slip on not ness. on the header. help a bro. out.. thanks and if you dont know write something anyway its funny to here all the shizzz.
  2. rmotoxdad52

    axle bolt

    hey do you need the carter pin ? just installed zipty blocks and the pointer would have to be drilled to use the pin.
  3. rmotoxdad52

    MXA not kind

    The motor is all there, little or no engine braking , and it looks like its going to last. Destry Abbott told me he has over 90 hard hours on his practice bike. Johnny his mech just tore it done and ended up just putting rings in it the vavles were right at specs. thats trully impressive... the gears might be a little off but I found that a 49 on back helps. As for the shock it needs revalved it rides down in the stroke stock. as for stearing im a fast novice in the desert and a real hack on the track but I had a bunch of bikes , 03 yz 250 02 crf450 03 ktm525 04 crf250 and rode all the others and this bike stock turns great. All the bike have some problem areas , honda with valves, suzuk had some early probs with motors. the yami has some set up issues with stearing. I feel the kawi is really easy and supper fun to ride. Oh and it starts in gear hot every time. Buy on ride it and you will be sold.
  4. rmotoxdad52

    slip on or low boy gp

    anyone runing either system. i need a little more low to mid torqe im a 40 year old 220 vet running 49rear in worcs and desert.
  5. rmotoxdad52

    How are they holding up?

    I spoke with destry abbott and his mech at the worcs race. He has over 90 hrs on his practice bike, they just tore into the top and valves were fine same with the piston all they did was ring it. Pretty impressive
  6. rmotoxdad52

    Any Sprocket Size Changes Yet?

    the 48 flat halls ass on top its incredible like 5th on a crf. but im a little on the slower but aggressive side plus im 220 pounds i need just a little more torqe.
  7. rmotoxdad52

    Any Sprocket Size Changes Yet?

    ran the 48 and it seemed a bit tall more stalls. gonna run the 49 at speedworld worcs this weekend. shoul be just right.
  8. rmotoxdad52


    Pro racing suspension out of orem utah satifaction gauranteed . sub tanks installed for 225.00 revalves around 250.00 fluid included..thats forks and shock.
  9. rmotoxdad52

    Got some graphics on the bike!!!

    looks great what did you use to polish your frame?
  10. rmotoxdad52

    The 4-Speed

    see 60 miles at cherry creek off road section
  11. rmotoxdad52

    Offroad ?

    I rode sixty miles at cherrycreek the other day on my stock 450. the bike has a lot of fly wheel .. I race novice in the desert and I never stalled the bike. I rode the tight nasty stuff in second gear 70 percent of the time and third the rest... The high speed whoops I rode in forth gear at about 50 percent thottle, no head shake and the bike never swaped. I will vavle for 60 moto 40 desert and run my scotts damper. This bike is amazing the best stock bike I have rode .