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  1. marcoma

    Some rebuild advice needed

    Ron - you nailed it Sage advice indeed! yes, I can hand peen the bore, it's not that bad. I had a local guy look at it and he said its a very common thing with the year that it will nip-up if it overheats. He said he can more or less guarantee that was what caused the scoring he's seeing - new piston or not. So I'm gonna glazebust the bore and stuff a new piston in it after checking all lines are clean and its pumping both oil and water correctly. If it lets go then c'est la vie. Thanks guys!
  2. I want to post a question as to my dilemma. First off, let me start by saying, if money is no object and you throw thousands at ur bike then move along. If, like me, you enjoy the challenge of fixing stuff with the least amount of cost then read on.... Here's the rub: I have a POS 2003 YZ250F sitting in my garage right now. My sons buddy asked if I could take a look at it as it was "rattling". I pulled the motor and stripped it down. I discovered a very new but mildly scored piston and bore. I thought the crank was out of tolerance but when I measured, it's in..... but just barely. 1) What could have caused this? Oil starvation? 2) Is it even worth rebuilding a bike that may only be worth $800 running? 3) If I do overbore the cylinder and fit a new piston, is it even worth it? If it last a year, great but if it's going to detonate after an hour then I'm gonna be pissed. The trouble with stuff like this is I could very well fix it and it last forever. On the other hand..... So what are peoples experiences with this motor?
  3. marcoma

    Grab handle

    Seeing as no-one responded to my inquiry, I went ahead and bought the grab handle for the 300 and fitted it to my 530. It needed longer bolts and spacers but otherwise, perfect. Pics to follow
  4. marcoma

    Grab handle

    FYI the bike is 6.75 inches bolt to bolt....
  5. marcoma

    Grab handle

    Saw a 300 with a natty grab handle fitted and wanted one. Nobody seems to list one for a 2010 530 EXC tho - does anyone know if the later model years (2012 +) will fit?
  6. marcoma

    Heavy 530 steering

    UPDATE - So I took the bike to a suspension guy. He told me to drop a capful (or two) of oil in each fork tube and he gave me 5mm preload spacers to fit. This transformed the steering. I can still feel the front tire grabbing and I may have given it too much adjustable preload but the difference is night and day. I'm back at the front of the pack instead of trailing 5 minutes behind everyone else.....
  7. marcoma

    GPS Recommendations?

    Thank you
  8. marcoma

    GPS Recommendations?

    I've managed to procure an android phone from a friend. Nice big screen and memory expansion slots so it sounds promising. What apps do you recommend to run for the gps and create overlays. I have a macbook pro
  9. marcoma

    GPS Recommendations?

    Well that opens up a whole new gamut of options. Thank you
  10. marcoma

    My Recipe For A "Scary Fast" 525EXC.

    So I just bought the Honda diaphragm for my bike after reading this thread halfway. Then I had a thought..... i don't have a 525 - I have a 530! Is it still the same part? Will it work? Am I an idiot? - I can answer that one; yes...yes I am!
  11. marcoma

    GPS Recommendations?

    So (pardon my ignorance) I can just go and buy an android phone - without any service provider or contract - and download maps and run GPS apps? I'm assuming this has to be done thru a computer or connected via a home internet network?
  12. marcoma

    2012 500 exc starting issues

    I was wondering the same thing.....
  13. marcoma

    2012 500 exc starting issues

    Weak spark? Gas tank breather? Have you tried a lithium battery? Mine would turn several times before starting with a regular battery but fires right up on the first crank with a lithium. Seems like the starter motor draws a lot of current from a normal battery which robs it from the spark strength.
  14. marcoma

    2015 EXC 500 price check?

    I just paid $5K for a 2010 530 - that seems like a good price after what I paid
  15. marcoma

    GPS Recommendations?

    When I ride at the track, I use Trackaddict software which uses GPS to map and record on my phone. I just have one of those cheap silicone cases with a hefty velcro pad on the back and mount it it the tank. Sounds flimsy? I have to be VERY careful when removing it as it will literally shear the plastic from the tank shroud its mounted on so no, it isn't going to fall off. In fact, it's easier to pry it from the silicone case than it is to remove the velcro. The fact it's mounted flat means it has a really good strong GPS signal too. Good thread. Enjoyable read. I have a question? Is phone service needed at ANY time to run the android phone gps OhGood has been swearing by on this thread? Unfortunately I have an iPhone (never thought I'd ever use "unfortunately" and "iPhone" in the same sentence but hey, there ya go) but I'd like to take advantage of the methods and systems used here.