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  1. johngil

    ktm 690 vs bmw f800 gs

    I will be selling my 800 GS and buying a 690 R. I could say lots more, but I'll just keep it at that. The BMW is not a dirt bike. It is more of a dirt road bike, if that makes sense.
  2. johngil

    anybody here own one of these?

    I rode with Paul Krause as he "tried out" our race course on one of these. He complained about the bike being 400 pounds, but could have smoked me at any time. This bike can go anywhere. It is heavy. I'm pretty sure you'd be cool if you had one.
  3. I think it's more important to consider what you think about the seller rather than if the bike has been raced. I sold my last 2 KTM's with 40+ desert races on them and I can tell you the new owners both got great bikes.
  4. johngil

    2002 Ktm 200EXC, Any problems?

    My '02 was my first 200. I put over 50 desert races on it with only two topends. I dnf'd once due to a problem in the shift mechanism. Great bike for me. The price seems out of line though. One of the kids in the club just got an '07 for the same price as a future sponsored rider. I know this isn't your case, but you are buying a five year old bike......
  5. johngil

    The Best Silencer?????

    The 496 is a good choice, with good power and a nice exhaust note as well. It's kind of porky though. The Leo Vince has tested well. DMC is consistant as is the newer Big Gun stuff. This is from a noise standpoint only. Performance is a whole seperate issue.
  6. johngil

    The Best Silencer?????

    I edited my post because I didn't have anything nice to say about the Ti-4 and had a few (dozen) beers in me. I sound test @ some District 37 events and the Ti-4 is generally loud. That doesn't seem to bother you though. Good luck.
  7. johngil

    300 xc-w i need more top end

    Have you tried adding a couple of teeth to the rear? My EXC's have pulled harder, but suffered some top speed You did say hillclimbing though.
  8. The 06's I have tested are @ 94 to 95 decibels. Older models seemed to be @ 93 to 94. This is for a bike with low hours. Your numbers will also vary depending on conditions.
  9. johngil

    Oil in the stator?

  10. johngil

    06 ktm 400exc jetting

    I noticed a 250SX-F with the leak jet float bowl, but it also had a brass plug in place of the jet.
  11. johngil

    06 ktm 400exc jetting

    My 400 is my first 4 stroke. I was very unhappy with the dealer supplied jetting. It's been a struggle to get a good running bike but this is where I'm at now. 170 main JD red @ #6 42 pilot fuel screw around 1.75 JD float bowl w/ leak jet stock diaphram w/ stock cover medium o-ring stock pump screw setting Bike runs great! Front wheel lifts well, good fuel economy, and doesn't overheat at all. Throttle response is great throughout. I may try some other setups, but I don't know why. Altitude for me is between 3000 and 4000 feet. Temps have been in the 90's.
  12. johngil

    Lowering my 04 KTM 400exc

    Talk to George @ ESP 818-249-6744
  13. johngil

    Trail Riding: EXC450 vs EXC400...?

    I could ALMOST saw the clutch lever off my 400.
  14. johngil

    Trail Riding: EXC450 vs EXC400...?

    My 400 (2006) is my first 4 stroke. I'm coming off of 200's and 250 2 strokes. While I don't have alot of time on 450's I will say that I can't imagine a better bike for the nasty stuff than the 400. Once jetted right it still hauls the mail okay for me too. I somehow got it in my head to get the short stroke motor and that was that. I'm totally pleased with the low speed manners of the 400 and 14/52 gearing. I also have yet to have this bike tire me out. It was frustrating to pay a few hundred more for the 400 though. Supply and demand...