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  1. Here's how I did mine:
  2. Here's mine:
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  4. Looks great!
  5. Perhaps you could provide a link to the Dogger's re-valve thread?
  6. I did that (again) when I brought my bike out a few days ago for the first time this year. Geeeze did I feel stupid (again) However, I was super impressed that it fired right up first kick after I took the plug out.
  7. Anyone know if '02 and '01 exhaust silencers are interchangeable? I have an FMF Q (which is quite nice) on my '01 and would love to have a Stealth Q instead.
  8. Something to keep in mind: the Warp9 wheels accept OEM bearings, rotors, & sprockets. And they're cheaper. I love mine.
  9. You're right, the tank is homely, but it beats running outta gas in the woods. It's nice to have 14 liters (3.7 gallons) on board, which I think is about twice the stock size. The key turns on the LED headlight, LED tail light / brake light, and the computer. I have a tiny little 4-cell Ballistic EVO2 battery in the air box and a homemade wiring harness. I think my stator only puts out 45 watts or something wimpy like that. Where there's a will there's a way (provided you've got a lot of patience and time).
  10. Gotta throw my bike into this thread too (bookmark).
  11. So far so good! I am careful with it and never try to kickstart the bike while its resting on the kickstand or try to spin the bike around on the kickstand so it doesn't see any real abuse. It stays tucked up in there where its safe until I stop, get off the bike, and put the kickstand down by hand. It's sure nice to be able to stop and not look for a tree to lean the bike against. My bike is street plated so it's also nice to be able to ride up to a gas station (with my little bottle of oil) and use the kickstand at the pump.