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  1. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. Going back to the stock carburetor and starting from scratch. Seems like it would be a lot easier.
  2. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    ..... And yes, the choke stays up...
  3. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    The owner of the bike said that the old carb was thrashed, someone had split it open and didn't know what they were doing while working on it. It had internal air leaks.. It's just frustrating because I am not a two stroke master, I know a little bit about em, and it really sucks when I cannot figure it out! To adjust the float, do i just put the carb on its side and measure the float before it starts to close the needle? Thank you again everyone...
  4. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    Thank you guys.. She will start for a short time with gas thru air cleaner opening, then die... Don't understand why a new carb won't fuel. Gonna try that a few more times...
  5. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    The carb is a mikuni tmx... We removed a keihn pwm... This is why i was unsure i had the right carb.. I was also wondering if i had enough compression to pull the fuel into vacuum... I can kick an kick, but the plug is dry...
  6. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

  7. mikymike311

    cannot start please help

    Hi there, got a 96 yz250... The title says it all. I am working on this as a project for a buddy. I have good spark, and it WILL fire up with carb clean. The fuel and carb are brand new, although not appearing to be working. I did pull the bottom off, make sure it was clean, but it doesn't appear to be giving gas. My first question is, how do these carbs work? Does the engine vaccum suck fuel in? Second, what else can I do? Please help....
  8. mikymike311

    Should I get a DRZ 400sm or a gsxr 600?

    I owned a DRZSM for exactly 4 months, traded it in for an 1125r buell and never looked back. I thought I'd like the supermoto lifestyle, but quickly got bored with it. There is no substitute for the power of a sportbike, and that is what I needed. I will say that the thing railed in corners, but the buell is no slouch either... My 2 cents.
  9. mikymike311

    Removing stock carb

    see the instructions that come with the jd jetting kit, just did mine this saturday and it was cake. There is also a video on youtube you can watch, type in 3x3 mod, you'll find it and watch it at least ten times.
  10. It definately has potential... but looks like it would be a bit of a money pit... That seems like a project that you must put a lot of time into...... that cuts into riding time!!!!
  11. mikymike311

    Ford vent problem

    Check your vacuum lines to the a/c control head/door actuators. They are vacuum controlled. This is a common problem on Ford trucks around your year. Look around the firewall for a broken line or one with a hole in it, most likely it will be hard plastic. If you don't find it there, look under the passenger side of the dash... Hope this helps... Mike