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    Convince me to buy a WR 250/450

    Hmm Convincing! Ok 5000 plus Kms on my 06 ! Only had to change the sparkplug once! Its easy to change the oil! Easy to change the oil filter! Easy to change the air filter! Easy to start with magic button and Kickstart! never needed to pull the engine apart. Haven't even bothered to set the valves or check them for that matter! With the Dr D enduro pipe sounds awesome! With JD jetting it absolutely flies! Tough and reliable! can spray paint any scratches on the frame! Handles good enough for me! I have worn out tyres, specially back ones ;-) I have had troubles with the clutch but I put a Rekluse clutch in so that is totally my doing! I was riding in too high a gear up an "extremely steep" hill and smoked the plates! Suspension is good! Although it aint no 100ft jumper but I'm try to avoid that these days! Hell I've started to ride it to work cause its fun! All in all a damn good bike! Looking forward to getting 10000Km out of it! without changing the rings hopefully! As an occasional contributer to this site I'm prepared to back the bikes ability to get to 10000km without a piston change! Thats riding enduros, pony expresses, road to work, sand dunes, gravel hills and any bit of dirt in between! If I had my chance again I would buy a WR 250 cause its easier to ride for longer but you might have to change the rings at 5000km!
  2. OringGroove

    YZ426F vs. 250-2stroke

    Ok this is prolly old now but it may help others with there choice! The 2 stroke yz250 is an excellent bike that is reasonably easy to look after. The yz 426 is a much more powerfull bike but with that comes the extra bit of maintenance required. Firstly the 2 stroke you just need to keep your mix the same, change your oil and do a piston and ring kit occasionally! (depending on how much you ride) the yz 250 is very light and a good allround bike! (very easy to start) YZ 426's Well forget the crap! These babies are hard to start! Require oil changes all the time and require a fair bit of hanging on to when ridden! The issue with starting can be cured tho! They flood easy so keep away from the throttle. Follow the start procedure exactly (nothing like a mate to flood your bike for ya while its on the stand) "Gearboxes" yz 426's have issues with shift forks being bent which results in an expensive bill! If you can repair this yourself not so bad! Power wise the yz250 with a paddle only then starts to feel like a 426 in the sand! 426 will put an instant smile on your face when you ride it! Even more so when it starts regularly! Best mod for one is to replace the exhaust cam with an 03 auto decompression one! Smooths out the hit by increasing bottom and top power! I've owned both bikes and had a look inside both internals! Easiest to fix - YZ250... Easiest to maintain - YZ250... Lightest - YZ250... If broken cheapest to fix YZ 250... Easiest to ride in a straight line YZ426... Biggest jumper YZ426... Biggest smile factor YZ426...Scariest YZ426... Hell its up to you but once you have had a four stroke its hard to go back!
  3. OringGroove

    How much different is a 426 vs. WR 450

    One thing I forgot to say was that while riding a mates KTM 525 I noticed how that motor felt very similar to the sort of power that the 426 was putting out! The handling was typical KTM (Light and Shite) but the motor was real good! My WR 450 cranks and will do me! The new alloy frame ones would prolly be better but I can't be bothered upgrading just yet! Goodluck with your choice! Try and get an 06 WR 450 there not to bad! Cheaper then the new model! Very reliable!
  4. OringGroove

    How much different is a 426 vs. WR 450

    I've owned both! The WR450 is an enduro the YZ426 is for motorcross the weight difference is obvious! I had a YZ450 too but went for the WR as here they are road registered! electric start! Go for the WR450 get a good exhaust change the jetting throttle stop etc and your in business! The yz does run out of speed at the top end, the wr450 will cruise past them then and keep going! WR 's are set up for trail riding! Yes I do know that front end up feeling of the 426,s Lol a 426 with a 450 exhaust cam (Wicked) You have to make up your mind what you want to do most Trackwork (YZ426/ 450) Trail WR450! If I was going to do trackwork I prolly would get another bike just for that ( believe it or not you can still have fun on a 250 2stroke)Or look to making the WR lighter (that would involve removing the thumb start) The suspension would need to be done too! At least on a trail you can do 100km loops! on a track it is round and round oh bugger i'm tired and bored!
  5. OringGroove

    06 WR450 - Cracked Piston

    I'll take a bite on the Asphalt issue too! Bitumen is a slightly different road surface to what is in the USA Not many roads are concrete like you see in the USA either! Just miles of dirt (Gravel) with the occasional roo serving steaks by the side of the road! Now if anyone needs to purchase some roo feathers let me know?
  6. OringGroove

    I am a Rekluse reject!! HELP PLEASE

    Ok been there, done that lol! dont stress! My bracket is facing slightly backward and just has the crappy spring on it. I think this bracket is in the original position for the clutch cable. I have completely disconnected the clutch cable! Just use the spring and let it automatically engage! Try that! Without the clutch lever! It still works fine! When you set the tolerance up on the clutch plates set it abit looser if your bike is reasonably new. We had all sorts of issues with mine that ended up frying the plates and hub Don't set it to the tighter end of tolerance You'll have to fork out lots of coin if you do! Not Good! If when you ride it you cannot get it started set them looser. My bike can't be clicked into neutral while running. Once stopped in neutral it starts easy. I still think mine is tight. It is set as per Rekluse instructions. Yes we checked it 3 bloody times! 3 sets of eyes too! I think there needed to be more checking of the clutch differences between models ie WR03/04/05/06 There must be an issue with this Be carefull but do not lock tight the small screws until you get it right! Once right go back and then do it! If you persist the end result is pretty good! I might one day reconnect the cable to get some sort of clutch but for now I'm happy enough ! If it is working don't mess with it! I doubt Rekluse would help if the first decent ride you fried your clutch like mine But they will help if you call them!
  7. OringGroove

    new fork/shock springs

    Ok I have done this also! One trick to remember is that Yamaha Fork oil is real light! I tried 7.5weight oil, new harder springs for my weight and the original valving. Couldn't get the clickers right where I wanted them. The result was a fork that hardened up way to early. Since going back to 2.5 weight fork oil its all good! Change your oil when you change the spirings but use lite weight!( 2.5 ) Its an easy job! Bike feels very good now but will blow thru on a big jump! It is after all heavier then the YZ its based on lol! I changed my springs with my weight including gear in mind! Unless you are racing competitively there is not much to gain getting the valves done! You should not need that! try the springs and lite fork oil first!
  8. OringGroove

    WR 06 450 and WR 07 450 Suspension settings?

    Yep had a go with the oil heights! and the weight is 7.5 ! I think I will have to experiment abit more! Yes I adjust the clickers always depending on where the ride is. The problem I have is maybe oil weight or valving itself. The Yamaha oil in the fork was thinner. Actually it looked terrible! Waynus make sure you bleed the air out of your forks! While front wheel is in the air! That may stop your problem also loosen the forks in the clamps, set their levels again then tighten them up again and try that! I'll pull my forks out this week and change to a lighter oil that may help Any one know about the valving on the 07?
  9. Does anyone know what the valving on the front forks is on the 07 compared to the 06 ? I believe the forks are the same but feel better from reports. I would like to change the front fork valving to 07 spec! I am finding the 06 just seems to be harsh in the initial part of the stroke! (no matter what clicker settings). It tends to firm up too quick at the moment as it travels thru the stroke too! I have changed the springs (firmer) to suite my weight and messed with the clickers to find a better adjustment. Original springs are too soft! It maybe that the new springs are too hard I want to fix this problem with the valving tho. I want a plusher start to the stroke that hardens up slower! not like an abrupt binding effect! The bike handles pretty good, The rear shock is good ! I will also try different oils aswell so if anyone has a recomendation on which fork oil let me know! Damn I'm getting picky as I get older lol!
  10. OringGroove

    First ride with Rekluse, WOW!!!

    I must be one of the few who have had problems with the Rekluse! I installed it but could not get the bike running with it Went thru the process again and again. Checked everything twice, had someone watch me and still the bike did not like it Finally got it running with it! took it for a ride and smoked the clutch plates Replaced the plates $$$ and started again. This time set the gap for the plates much wider. The bike runs fine, if the gap on these is too tight you can end up with the bike pushing in gear at low revs and smoked clutch plates. Set the gap with rekluses wider! You loose the ability to bump start the bike You loose the drop the clutch accelleration. You loose a clutch lever! You gain better control by hanging on with a better death grip.(left hand) You gain the potential to have a rear brake like a push bike!(left hand) kinda defeats the first gain lol. I think I'll like the Rekluse when it is worn in more! Or maybe when I'm more used to it! After spending big dollars on this item I have to say I'm not really happy yet! In terms of my bike I have, 06 WR450 Dr D pipe, JD jetting, MSC stearing dampner, heavier springs. I believe the best thing to buy would be a dampner. Forget the Rekluse unless you have spare coin! That said the guys at Rekluse are excellent and the supplier in Oz is very helpfull! I can ride longer now with less fatigue using the clutch (due to heavy feel) but, this could be fixed with a hydraulic clutch anyway. Super light feel to them. Also I tend now to leave the bike in a higher gear because it is just easier. I'll know when I have clocked up another 1000km on this bike if the Rekluse is up to the task. Also I see a few bikes are coming out with slipper clutches standard so it wont be too long till they all have em!
  11. OringGroove

    Tachometer on Wr450?

    Check out the Yamaha hour counters the newer model has a tachometer in it! So you can adjust your idle! You really don't need to know the amount of revs your bike is doing as you fly down a dirt track! The last thing you want to do is have a look at a speedo etc! You will end up busted upside down on the track! You only need a tacho to set the idle. once you know what it is you can just listen and set it by ear! Just ride more and know that there is always abit more left in the motor! these bikes truly have awseome motors!
  12. Has anyone modded there forks so they can do some decent jumps and not have the fork blow through the stroke! I have already gone up 2 spring sizes, maxed out the clickers and still have a blow through on bigger jumps. I want to be able to jump with this bike and still be able to ride enduros without wearing a mouthguard, kidney belt etc Any setup ideas? I was thinking maybe different fork oil or a valve job! Will try oil first! Thanks in advance
  13. OringGroove


    read your manual on adjusting your carby! Easy to do don't get too stressed!
  14. OringGroove

    The Wife Gave Me The Thumbs Up!!!

    Enjoy the new ride! Oh and be nice to the missus ;P just for a few days!
  15. OringGroove

    The Wife Gave Me The Thumbs Up!!!

    Mine did and I didn't give her a chance to change her mind! Went straight out the door and off to the dealers!