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  1. bopbopbraap

    Stupid barbed wire fence!!!

    I had to bail over the handlebars recently, came to a sharp turn.......only to find out its a dead end With the fence still getting closer at an alarming rate, I got up on the seat and bailed over the fence just before the bike ran into it.
  2. bopbopbraap

    97 XR600 spares/engine parts

    It's that time again......need a bunch of new goodies for my pig. Any advice/suggestions as to who can give me the best prices/ widest range of spares, as I'd prefer to order everything I need in one go, from one source? What I'd need is all engine/g/box seals, bearings, final drive shaft, long range tank, clutch perch with decompressor lever, rear light etc. Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. bopbopbraap

    4StrokesOnly store sucks the big one

    I tend to disagree, if someone's willing to screw around, they should also be willing to be screwed around. For the same reason, the shop owner/manager couldve for-warned Naru about their crap service. Sorry, but I've had it with bike shops myself. It's time for them to step up and better their services. I'm a member at another site where they have a sticky topic named "name 'em & shame 'em" I think we're all better off notifying fellow riders about services which aren't up to standard. We're the ones forking out cash, and getting screwed a lot.
  4. bopbopbraap

    Value of 88' 600R?

    For what it's worth, I bought my 97 for $2000 in Uganda where bikes are slightly more expensive than in the states. Is/was in very good condition, the only thing that was not perfect, was the sticker kit that's missing, but that kinda thing never bothered me anyway. I'd say you're better off looking for a bike thats about ten years younger. My 02 cents
  5. bopbopbraap

    Longest Road Trip on the XR?

    My longest so far was only about 350miles without any probs, apart from sunburnt forearms Planning on riding down to South Africa one day, about 5000miles, but will do it in 3 or 4 months.