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  1. That's the only test I have in my wr250 service manual.
  2. From the service manual Alternator check: Disconnect regulator from the wiring, rev the engine up to about 3000 RPM and measure no-load voltage across YELLOW wire and the ground using a VAC voltmeter with a scale up to 50v. The voltmeter will show a voltage readout (>20V<50V). If there is no readout or voltage is markedly unbalanced the stator is faulty: in this event check insulation across tested wire and ground using an ohmmeter. Insulation must be total, i.e. resistance must be infinite.
  3. it was a bearing retainer bolt. Bike is back together and all good. Thanks for the help:thumbsup:
  4. No luck on shift drum. The only philips screws I can find are holding a retainer on ignition side. They're bigger and both there. I'm still looking.
  5. Found it stuck to the magnet on the drain plug. Appears to be a M4 screw. I've looked through the whole parts catalog and can't place it.
  6. another view
  7. Need help. While changing oil 08 TE450 found this. I don't know where its supposed to go. I've already pulled both covers off and can't find its home. HELP.
  8. JT Cycle in Battle Creek, Mi (269)965-0571 has at least one in stock. Just received mine. Great small shop with very helpful people. Awesome prices on new bikes.
  9. Which dealer ? Where ? I'll be in Ohio later this month and could always use a spre bike. Thanks, Chris
  10. I cracked one 2 yrs ago. No fun, Tylenol and rest are what the doc ordered. Good luck.
  11. sounds like the cam chain tensioner is shot. can you hear the chain rattling ?