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    I've recently bought a 70 for my 9 year old son who is quite tall and around 105 lbs. I have done some research and read a lot of responses and recommendations on this site. There are tons of mods for the 70 as well as the 50. One easy one that I have recently purchased is sprockets and a new chain. The stock one is 15 teeth in the front and I went with a 13 tooth to give me more top end. I went from 35 in the rear to 45 in the rear which gives you more bottom end and was told that it will make the bike scream. JT makes the sprockets and the front was 8.95 and the rear was around $14.00 - 16.00. The chain was $18.00. So, for under $50 bucks this is an upgrade that I would definitely consider doing. I'm going to put these on on Friday and will let you know how it turns out. Good riding.
  2. amped88

    Crf 70 gearing

    I just ordered a set of sprockets and a new chain. Stock front is a 15 tooth and if you go to 14 or 13 that gives you more top end. Stock rear is a 36 and if you go up from there that gives you more bottom end. I went with 13 front and 45 rear. That should improve in all ranges. I'll let you know for sure just before next weekend when I install them.
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    XR-70 Rear Shock

    Whew! I'm new to this site and the forum but recently entered because I bought my son a XR70 for Xmas. Isn't the idea of the forum to ask questions, acquire knowledge, give help to others and receive awesome feedback and products from a group of people who share the same interests and desires of these sweet little bikes. I never imagined all of the possible power and options available until today when I started reading and joined. I believe it was you also CRF100man that answered a question as to where to get a 13 tooth sprocket from and you responded to cut 2 teeth from the sprocket to change the gear ratio? Yep, it was you. Now you are asking this guy why he is riding the 70? Sit back, relax, READ some of this stuff and maybe you'll learn something while you are here. However, replying just for the sake of it without research and thought will not make you many friends. I'm not bashing you in any way but when you ask for some info or have a question, perhaps, you may have more experienced members willing to help you if they remember you as speaking wisely or politely and offering good advice yourself, not telling someone to cut two teeth off of the front sprocket. Just a thought, didn't mean to preach.
  4. Without going with an expensive aftermarket shock, you can purchase an aftermarket shock extension that will raise your seat height approximately 3 inches. There are several on e-bay that are fairly inexpensive but I personally haven't tried any yet and am not sure how it effects the ride of the bike. My son has an XR70 and we will be ordering one for his bike next month to give him a little more ride height. It would be nice to hear from someone that has tried one of these. Hope I helped a bit and good riding to your little bro.