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  1. coloredkid

    Welding the XR Cases???? Possible??

    I would just replace the case. A good welder would charge you probably around 100$ to fix the case correctly (depending on the location of the crack) and at that price i think i would just rather buy a new one and invest in a skidplate to prevent it from happening again.
  2. coloredkid

    04 450f question

    hey thanks! i'll be looking into dr d~
  3. coloredkid

    04 450f question

    Hey all - my 450f runs like a lightswitch, it's either on or off. I was thinking of putting a heavier flywheel on it and was wondering what kind i should get? I know yamaha and trailtech make flywheels for this application and wanted to see what u all prefer. any suggestions? I was also wondering what kind of exhaust everyone likes to run and please give details as to how the exhaust effected the powerband of the bike. thanks!