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  1. 767driver

    Baja 500 Sportsman rules

    Yep, it's just like in the movies.......not.
  2. 767driver

    Pre running bike for the 1000

    How bout 450 bad 650 good. Problem with doing it that way is it is out of context. Therefore the added context.
  3. 767driver

    Pre running bike for the 1000

    Not that it was specifically solicited, but I thought I would give you my impression from all the experience I have in Baja (once), so take it with a grain of salt. Every since I was a kid and I'm not any longer, (in fact I could race in the half-centurion class now) I wanted to experience the thrill of Baja. Life had other plans for me, but in 2009 I finally put a group of friends together to go give it a shot. The end result was one of the best experiences of my life. Now remember, I'm a Baja newb, goon, idiot, or any other derogatory term you would like to use, they are all accurate. Still, I can ride a dirtbike fairly well and have have had some success racing in my own small pond. OK so with all the prerequisite disclaimers out of the way, here was what I did. Our race bike was an XR650R and the prerunners ran the gambit. I used my KLX450R as that is the bike I ride and race these days. Now while I have a ton of time on the 650, in fact it is my bike, I didn't have a spare XR to prerun on. So the KLX won the coin toss. What I found was two fold. Riding/Racing Baja is not necessarily over challenging but it was more difficult than I had led myself to believe going into it. Now remember I ride the KLX quite frequently, but when I preran on it I found myself fatiguing quite easily, that could have been suspension or just bad gearing for the speed we were carrying. Regardless, I was nervous come race day that I wasn't going to be able to hold up my end of the race (I kept that to myself of course). The second thing I found on race day was that when I jumped on the XR650 it was like riding my couch (I know what being a couch potato is by the way) through the desert. The bike soaked up the desert and spit it out as far as I was concerned. Now some of the other riders with less XR time had other opinions, but I am only recounting mine. In the end I was glad to have the XR650, it made it to the finish line and looked like it had been through a war. In fact, it had a war with the desert. I think Cracker1 suggested using an XR and while I don't know him well, he and I had this same debate after the race as to what we each thought about the right bike for the desert and I think I agree with him for the most part. As I look to my next effort in Baja my thought is to refresh the XR650 and use it again. If I do another team event, then I will certainly pay a little closer attention to what the other riders are accustomed to riding. As I read your post it seems like you have already decided on the race bike so I am not trying to sway you one way or the other, rather I thought I would tell you my experience of riding a 450 and then a 650 in the desert. By the way, I should probably confess that my friends call me Sasquatch and therefore that could have some bearing on my fondness for the XR650!
  4. 767driver

    Header pipe measurement

    That should be close enough. Thanks all!
  5. 767driver

    Header pipe measurement

    Honestly I don't remember. I looked under the options and I couldn't find where I did it. Maybe someone else can chime on this one.
  6. 767driver

    Header pipe measurement

    I kind of need to find out sooner. I need to order some parts and get them in the air ASAP. If I don't find the answer by then that is great thanks.
  7. 767driver

    Header pipe measurement

    Does anyone have a stock header (06 to 08) lying around that can give me a measurement of the ID and OD? Its a long story. Thanks a million!
  8. 767driver

    2008 Baja 500 GPS Map

    Thanks JAT. That was perfect!
  9. 767driver

    2008 Baja 500 GPS Map

    All, I searched the forum for a posting of a gps file for the 2008 500 gps coordinates. Came up empty, if anyone has that old file sitting around on their puter I'd would sure appreciate it if you could send it my way. Thanks!
  10. 767driver

    Quick vid of our ride at CCP

    I told you that you'd be filming nothing but trail if you mounted that thing like that. Next time you can film me while I follow you and talk on my cell phone at the same time LOL!
  11. 767driver

    automatic decompresion confusion.

    I would have liked to hear this answer. Does anyone have any comment. With the exception of course that hot cams uses your old decompressor.
  12. 767driver

    troubleshoot question on 650r

    In the end, after all the heartburn, it was a simple solution. The gasket inside the petcock had some abrasions to it that prevented the main tank position to allow enough fuel into the bowl when under high fuel demand situations. All I did was flip the gasket upside down, reinstall and no problems after that. Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions.
  13. 767driver

    troubleshoot question on 650r

    It looks like the jets I ordered from TT won't arrive until next week some time, so I'll play with the float and tank vent this weekend and report back if that had any affect.
  14. Thanks Eddie, you're absolutely correct of course. That really seems to make it more of a vent or float issue in my mind.
  15. 767driver

    troubleshoot question on 650r

    Thanks for the ideas guys. I just ordered more main jets from TT. Hopefully it's as simple as a main jet, but the plug should at least give me an indication if that is indeed the issue. In the end I'd rather run a little on the rich side anyway. The float level seems to be an interesting possibility also.