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  1. gregg-usmc

    06 yz250 sdg step seat on an 05 yz250

    my bad i was talking about the 2 stroke and i just looked at there web site and they dont make them for 2strokes im an ass! :thumbsup: thanks anyway bro
  2. :confused:hey guys do u know if the 06 yz250 sdg step seat will fit my 05 yz250? sdg does not offer the step seat for an 05 only 06 and 07!! thanks for any help fellas!!
  3. gregg-usmc

    stripped drain plug!!

    guys ive tried everything !!! this thing will not budge for some reason!!!it is all jacked up now, i am at a loss of words and ideas!! dont know what to do !!any other ideas???thanks
  4. gregg-usmc

    coolant leak -leaking weep hole!!! 05 yz250

    just changed out the outer seal ....i checked the shaft for grooves and didnot see any ...only ran it for 5 min cause of the rain out side but no signs of a leeking weep hole any more so ill update u guys after i get a good session in. thanks for all your help
  5. gregg-usmc

    stripped drain plug!!

    man i have a stripped drain plug on my 05 yz250!!! any ideas on how to get it out .... i have a replacement plug just cant get the thing to budge!!! ive tried vice grips ..just ended up with bloody knuckels!! :thumbsup:
  6. leaking weep hole!!! 05 yz 250 ok im having the same prob! it started after i let the bike sit for a couple of weeks! so to replace both seals im going to have pull the motor out and split the case right?....what are the chances of it being the outer seal thats the prob child? after looking at the manual i can replacet the outer seal without doing this right? ohhh yeah how would i tell of the the pump is shot? thanks for any help guys!!
  7. gregg-usmc

    Polisport rear fender

    i got one on e bay about 2 months ago
  8. gregg-usmc

    97 xr 400 counter sprocket

    I'm going to change front sprocket on my xr 400 I'm looking for low end improvement. the stock is 14 teeth and I'm thinking about maybe a 12 now. any one ever tried the 12 if so how was it? when i replace this sprocket should i replace the chain and rear sprocket as well?
  9. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

    sent a pm
  10. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

    yes i have all stock parts let me know if you might want it, if not im going to put on e bay soon
  11. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

    3000 to much what would be a fair price with all of the brand new aftermarket parts?
  12. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

    im thinking around $3000 is that to much?
  13. gregg-usmc

    Exhaust Can/Header Gasket

    ITS VERY IMPORTANT to get a good seal at that coupling , are u using the crush gasket that came with stock muffler?
  14. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

  15. gregg-usmc

    FOR SALE 97 xr 400???

    i think im going to sell the xr its a 97 with about 40 hrs on it im the second owner i bought it from my uncle who bought it brand new it had about 20hrs on it when i got it in dec 05 , it sat in a hanger at an airport and he hardly ever rode it , i got it and have put some cash in it lots of aftermarket parts pls look at my garage and my mods and parts and tell me what u think i should sell it for thanks for your help