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  1. outrage

    what to buy drz400sm or e? need advice

    Would you guys recommend the pirelli's on the sm to take it on the dirt?????
  2. outrage

    what to buy drz400sm or e? need advice

    Hi there guys thanx for all the advice think i will go with the sm with those pirelli tires for going offroad here in south africa we have many trails and many farms we can ride on.....which is really cool will be taking chicks for rides....which might make the sm the best bet gonna be doing lotsa on road riding....think i have basically decided on the sm just wanted to know what her offroad capabilities were...think those pirellis will do the trick damn its cool when here thong shows when she is riding pillion seat thanx
  3. Hi there guys I need some advice Been riding a yz125 mostly and enjoy trial rides through the plantations in our area......here in south africa we get the sm and e models......i really like the sm's look......wondered what its offroad capabilities are with possibly different tires......really looking for a good value for money dual porpose bike...also will often have a pillion rider....the sm does have the pillion foot pegs....dont wanna lose the trial riding though..... Please i need some advice.... Would i be able to do offroad riding with the sm????