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  1. they might be fuel injected and by 2008 they all will be, and they will be all eletric start also because when u fall racing, its a big problem to get them started
  2. i have one on my bike and they are great. i have had rocks and all kinds of thing hit it and it holds up like no other. great choice.
  3. i have an 2005 crf 250 and my chain clatters a lot even when its lubed and tight. does anyone know any solutions to help this problem??
  4. the same thing happened with my fox forma pros, with my 05 crf250.. the same spot too
  5. ehh it depends.....but with big bore bikes you are gonna have to rebuild the clutch cuz it will burn up... but i have a 250f and it pulls hard, and ive ridden a 450 and they pull the same, its just faster in top speed.. i think ull be faster on a bored out 250f
  6. do 50% race fuel, and 50% supreme pump gas...it works the best
  7. with that many miles, yea its ready for a new top end
  8. damn good........needs some crashes
  9. thats a great bike, i have one and have no prob with it.. but u have to watch the oil levels because 250fs eat oil.. but thats a great bike
  10. that will always happen, its just from the heat.. dont wrry bout it
  11. check the oil, because 250fs always eat oil, and if u run it out of oil then it will lock up
  12. well if its that cold, u should get a heat gun or a blow drier, and blow it on the cylinder head until warm then try to start it
  13. the 250x is made for the trails, but a 125 is faster on the tracks, deends on the rider...but the 250x is heavier