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  1. 70SSELky

    06 CRF450r to x Gear Box Swap?

    I am running a 13/45 on my 450r for the extra speed in the desert, I really... really... hated my first gear untill I put the Rekluse in.... What a difference that made so I imagine it would work wonders on your lower than stock ratio.
  2. 70SSELky

    tank bolt holes stripped

    Been there done this Final solution for me... after repairs mentioned here, I used small threaded studs in the tank and then install nuts. My studs have a small allen in them so I just hold the stud in the tank with the allen and remove the nut. Make sense?
  3. 70SSELky

    09 suddenly running like crap

    Dirty fuel pump filter..... classic symptoms
  4. 70SSELky

    09 fuel pump answer

    Thanks for the Part #!!!! I just ordered two!
  5. 70SSELky

    09 fuel pump answer

    All the other quad pumps look like an external mount to me. I wonder if they disassemble the housing and install just the pump in the 2009 housing that goes into the tank of our bikes??
  6. 70SSELky

    09 fuel pump answer

    Ok so I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed but is the TRX 450 fuel injected???? Didn't think it was. Part numbers would be awesome because I would really like to try this!!
  7. 70SSELky

    09 Fuel Pump...

    All that junk is filtering material so it actually stays in there. Just Clean it all out best you can but do not try and remove the "packing" First couple of times I flushed my it was pretty black and then eventually came clean. The wires.... don't remember but if you look at the wires on the mount you can just line them up if I remember right.
  8. 70SSELky

    09 Fuel Pump...

    Yes I was... the dreaded no top end power I read about on here. I could only get about 1/3 throttle in 4th and 5th gear (lower gears too but not so noticable). It happened to me at a scrambles race.. First loop no problem... second loop the bike just started loosing power on the top and would not rev... read about the pump problems on here and figured I would just try cleaning the filter because I could not get a pump in time for the next race. After cleaning the filter I have ran two more, two loop scrambles and never had a problem
  9. 70SSELky

    09 Fuel Pump...

    I used carb cleaner and compressed air. Cleaned it the best I could and the bike has been running great since then. Compressed air is definelty not the best choice for a filter but at the time...... had no choice
  10. 70SSELky

    suspension or rekluse

    LOL I did both at the same time! This weekend was the first ride on them. I think if I had to pick one over the other....... suspension first. Wow what a difference that made. The Rekluse rocks too and is definelty staying on the bike but the suspension change is incredible!
  11. I know they are! Just did my suspension last week
  12. 70SSELky

    Bluetooth Offroad Helmet?

    The one I have on my helmet is a Blue Ant. Not only can you hook to your phone via blue tooth but you can talk to another rider. You can only pair them (no more than two on a "channel") Doesn't work too bad, little exhaust noise when they are linked and sometimes some wind noise but just have your buddy move his mic a little and that generally goes away. You can get at least 100 apart, (they claim 300), and withing that distance you can generally still talk pretty clearly.
  13. 70SSELky

    2009 help

    Another one with the same problem here. Two weeks ago I ran a Scrambles and on the second loop (40 miles each) the bike started bogging as described here. I tried to chase down a fuel pump after reading this forum but could not find one. So out of desperation....... I took it apart and THOURGHLY cleaned the filter to the pump. I had no idea if this was going to help but I wanted to race another scrambles this last weekend and since I could not get a fuel pump quick enough this was my only option to try. Well, I did race the scrambles....... and the pump worked flawelessly!!! No bogging, no problems. Normal power throughout the entire rpm range for the complete 80 or so miles.
  14. 70SSELky

    Rekluse and Dune Riding

    I have heard so many good things about the Rekluse Clutch but I don't really know if it would work in my situation. I completely understand how track and woods riders have to love them but Dune riding is more "open" than that type of riding. I think I would really like it for the jumps.... being able to lock up the wheel in the air without pulling in the clutch and not stalling the bike. Plus, like many others, I have left wrist damage and it gets very tired and painful. Sometimes we come up on a unforseen "witche's eye" and I have to clutch the bike to get it to "pop" over the hole. Some of these can be rather deep holes too. Am I going to loose that even if I leave the clutch lever on the bike? Anyway I guess I am looking for some "Duners" that may have ran this clutch in Glamis or similar and give me some feedback.
  15. I have these on mine. http://www.skinindustries.com/details.php?itemid=291