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  1. mbgares

    Valve gap after cam replacement

    Thanks, I went with that and i got it dialed in.
  2. mbgares

    Valve gap after cam replacement

    I was hoping someone can give me the proper valve clearences for the intake and exhaust valves after the recall cam has been istalled. I just did a clearence check and their is no gap something is fishy:excuseme:
  3. If any one knows of an area to ride near Paso Robles or Lake San Antonio please share
  4. mbgares

    glitching when quick rev

    The jetting is the reason your bike is cutting out. I had the same problem. The stock main jet is a 142 most people switch to main jet sizes between 162 to 170. If you stick with the stock needle switch it to the 5th position. You have several choices you can buy the JD kit Dyno jet or buy separate jets and keep the stock needle. Definitely buy a zip ty fuel screw it is worth it's weight in gold. The Boyesen quick shot helps but keep in mind the more adjustments you make to your carb the more finicky it becomes.
  5. mbgares

    O-ring chain delema! Need some help!

    Krannie said it re-jetting will help more than the sprocket and chain. Also u can add a boyesen power shot and a zip ty fuel screw to help u dial it in.
  6. mbgares

    cali guys

    Takes 5-10 mins tops and gets rid of a lot of backfire. The white bros is cheaper than the applied and they are the same damn kit.
  7. mbgares

    Help trouble starting 450x

    This is why the zip ty fuel screw is nice. I have all the mods and the slow start when it gets really cold. I just turn my fuel screw in 1/4 twist the throttle once pull the choke and it fires right up.
  8. mbgares

    Baffle in/out and general carb questions??

    Broken down at one question at a time here is my two cents. 1. I doesn't matter what you call the screw because it is refereed to by all those names. Also heard it called a fuel mixture screw once. Most common name would be fuel screw. 2. As for the advantage of the Zip Ty fuel screw it has a large knob at the end which allows you to make adjustments with your fingers. Also it has four numbers to help you track where you are at in 1/4 turn segments. (When installed use a little anti-seize on the threads because of electrolysis) 3. When you re-jet you are going to need to remove the baffle it allows for the proper performance. If noise is and issue buy the slip on FMF Q2 pipe it is as quiet as stock and lighter. Also there are several other after markets. 4. The air box is a must when you re-jet. The bike is starved for air in it's stock state. When you re-jet the carb needs more air to achieve proper performance. A simple way to demonstrate this fact is put a straw in your mouth and cup your hands around the other end tightly like a small air box and suck air. Then open your hands up a little more and repeat you will really see the diff. 5. JD Kit is so popular because it is an all an one kit with simple directions removing the guess work. It runs around $69.00. If you don't want to spend that much follow the wrench suggestions stock needle to the 5th position (Free) and 162 main jet($4.95). I went with JD because I ride from sea level to mammoth alt and have to change jetting to do so. As for the pink wire mod which came later in the thread here is the Honda explanation I received from the wrench and techs. The pink wire retards the timing mapping by limiting the rev's (Thank the EPA for this one). If you do the pike wire mod you switch the timing to the same timing as the 450R. It is a great mod and totally reversible. Especially if you ride tight trails. Hope all that info helps. Remeber everyone likes what they like so do what works for you and ride hard.
  9. mbgares

    service Honda ultimate speedometer

    Go to k-fab50s.com they have a write up on the acewell under the 450x
  10. mbgares

    front brake line

    Solid advice Huffster it is all fun and games until its ******** and elbows gentlemen.
  11. mbgares

    CRF450X v. 450 EXC

    The only bad thing I have heard about the KTM is there suspension lacks a little to be desired. Also the bike is a little bit more expensive off the floor. Other than that I have friends that love them. But I also have friends that love their Yamaha's. The best advice is try to ride as many kinds of bikes as you can first then buy. I went with the 450X because I like the way Honda rides always have.
  12. mbgares

    450R Vs 450X

    If you are a track guy and green sticker is not an issue the cr250r 2 stroke is the lightest of them all and a steady winner. But if the sticker is an issue than you have your answer 450X. If it's not the than the cr250r in regard to weight you cant beat it.
  13. mbgares

    Will a 14T countershaft sprocket fit?

    Rotten rob said it all. I just did it! The grinder is your friend if you want the 14 tooth. If you don't want to grind it down just drop three in the rear same result just more money.
  14. mbgares

    Pink Wire Mod

    Nope the purpose of the pink wire is to retard the timing limiting the rev level helping Honda meet the EPA guidelines.
  15. mbgares

    Pink Wire Mod

    4 chevys: The pink wire mod changes the rev level of your motor. Basically by disconnecting it changes the timing mapping from the 450X mapping to the 450R Mapping. The wrench is a tech guide provided by Honda to their factory mechs. This publication suggests doing this mod as well as several others to improve the 450x for competition. As for the Yamaha it is referred to as the gray wire mod. This mod does the same thing changing the timing mapping for the wr to the yz.