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  1. Kenpo1

    Riding with a torn rotator cuff

    What did you decide? My MRI just came back and I've got a partial tear. Ug.
  2. MRI results came back, curious if anyone's dealt with a similar injury/issue, if you pursued surgery or rehab etc. Results: - Partial thickness tear of the infraspinatus tendon at its insertion. - Minimal acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis. - Subchondral cycsts at the greater tuberosity. Everything else was normal and healthy. Results are not due to any specific crash or injury. I'm very active and I believe it's likely an overuse injury from lifting (couples with dirt bikes, mountain bikes, martial arts weekly). Pain and some weakness began to develop a couple of months ago, no loss of range of motion. I reduced my activity, took some rest, ice and heat until the pain pretty much went away. Went back to training and was ok in all situations except where the elbow was away from the body in pressing movements. In that specific movement (think bench press, pushups) there was pain and weakness. Riding and other activities were ok. I found that certain hand positions with pushups were fine and that pressing movements on machines were ok, but barbell bench press and dumbell presses were not. So I altered my workout and moved forward. No big deal. Achy shoulders (and other joints) have been an off and on thing for me for 25 years since junior high. After a few weeks I could start to go light on bench press (135lbs for high reps) and other lifts except for incline press. When the healing progression didn't get any better after about two weeks, I got the MRI. For a partial tear, I've read everything from it can heal on it's own to you've only got a month or two to get surgery before your window closes. Other articles tout prolotherapy, PRP, stem cell injections... Any experiences or thoughts?
  3. Kenpo1

    Yamaha YZ250 2017

  4. Kenpo1

    Yamaha YZ250 (2017)


    2017 Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail -Rockshox Lyrik 170 RC (alternate 180mm air shaft) -RS Super Deluxe coil (400lb spring) -Absolute black 32t cinch oval chainring and raceface cinch 28t chainring -e13 TRSr cassette 9x46 - Sram GX shifter and derailleur -Saint brakes with big ol rotors (203/180) -industry 9 Enduro S wheels -Maxxis rubber (2.6 dhf & 2.3 DD aggressor) - 20mm rise Raceface atlas bars and 35mm rise Raceface turbine bars -RF 35mm stem -ergon saddle and grips -DMR vault pedals -Fox Transfer 150mm dropper post Bike is pretty dialed and super fun!
  5. I'm finally just back on the bike, so I won't be real fast, but I'll likely get out for a ride or two over the holidays. What part of Scottsdale are you staying in? Shoot me a PM if you'd like.
  6. Kenpo1

    STIC metering block?

    Ok, sorry for disappearing. Life got crazy. I haven't had time to sit down and do a full write up, but wanted to post at least a brief report, and for those who have specific questions, post them up or shoot me a message. I've had the metering block for a while now and have some time on it. I have direct time comparisons on strava with some of my practice loops and trails that I know well. I've run it across a range of elevations, and am just starting to run it in high temps. It's a mixed bag for an off-road rider. I have no doubts that the claims of HP increase are true. It's remarkable the difference the metering block makes. It's a very immediately noticeable change. Current jetting with the metering block is as follows; 195 main 48 pilot JD needle in the 2nd position, air screw 1 turn. Reduced timing. I ran larger mains and it didn't really make a difference. Much smaller though and I got detonation. My YZ has a Harris performance built motor, and I run and avgas/pump mix on a slightly higher compression head. Got it running pretty well, but Derek has some additional tuning tips and special offerings that enhance the metering block, but you'll have to ask him about that, as it's a competitive advantage in his market space, and I respect that. Ok, so is it faster? Yes.... and no. On strava, my times are consistently faster on anything that is flowy or more open terrain. Sand washes, with long pulls, deep sand berms, non technical, but heavy load on the motor type climbs etc. The STIC metering block provides more overrev than stock and has a much stronger mid through top end and it's noticeable, especially in the AZ sand washes and faster quad track. So where is it slower? Well, my times were marginally slower on technical, rocky single track, and that got worse as the ride got longer. Simply put, at a B rider level with weekend warrior fitness, the thing is a bit of a handful in the gnar, and takes more precise throttle control, which over time, tires me out faster than riding with a Lectron carb (which is super smooth power delivery, probably it's best asset if you like techy riding). The STIC blocks initial power delivery is just not as smooth. It "hits" as the old saying goes. Now for elevation. I've ridden the bike with STIC metering block from about 1500ft to about 5000ft, and did not need to rejet. I did need to adjust air screw. Was it as clean as the Lectron at elevation? No, a little flat just before midrange, not quite as clean as the lectron but very rideable. More so than a stock carb across that broad of an elevation change for sure. I have to rejet when I go from Phoenix to Prescott or Flagstaff with the stock carb or it drives me crazy. STIC was rideable. I keep meaning to push the elevation up to 6-7k, but just haven't had a chance yet. So, bottom line? What kind of riding are you doing, how skilled are you and how in shape? I like the Lectron carb. It's an odd animal to tune sometimes, with one metering rod being perfect on the bottom-mid but slightly lean at 3/4 throttle - WOT. Next rod in line is perfect mid-top, rich on the bottom. Powerjet is actually remarkably sensitive, so very minor turns have big impacts, and it can take some dickering to get right. Once right it's pretty "set it and forget it" but I've found that I can't get it "jetted" quite as perfectly as I can a regular carb. But I've ridden it across a broad range of elevations and temps no issue. The two biggest things I like about the Lectron are fuel mileage and smooth power delivery. With the STIC block, it's fast. It has impressive midrange pull and a lot of overrev. It absolutely pulls harder than stock or Lectron, but I think, for the riding I do, for my skill level and fitness, it can be a bit too much at times, honestly. I played with gearing, as did another tester that I ride with (I think he went up one tooth in the front), and that helped. I think continuing to dial the jetting in can help power delivery too. If I were building a dune bike or a moto only bike, I think the STIC is a no brainer. For starts trying to hit the first corner, for dunes, for overrev to clear the triple without shifting on the face of the jump? YES. For rocky, technical ST or endurocross type obstacles where smooth, controllable power is king? Not so much, for me at least. Fuel consumption was good and the STIC has a broad range of jetting settings that it will run well with and it is definitely less sensitive to elevation and so far, temp changes. But, it's hard to beat the buttery smooth power curve that the Lectron metering system creates. Less HP from the Lectron? It feels like it. Easier power to use? It feels like it. Hope this helps anyone still paying attention. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to continued tuning to see if I can get the power to smooth out and be a bit more appropriate for the technical stuff. EDIT: One thing I wanted to mention. I had to reinstall the STIC metering block after my initial attempt. It's easy to put it in and not get it to properly seat, causing idle issues, and often a hanging idle due to an air leak. Derek on his Harris performance youtube channel has a tutorial for proper install. It's worth a watch.
  7. Kenpo1

    STIC metering block?

    Sorry, broke some ribs, had some bike issues.... just getting back to testing now. I'll report back in a couple of weeks.
  8. This has come up in lot's of different threads, including the hard technical trails thread, but I've not seen anyone try to do a direct comparison to illustrate the point like in this video. It's done by a mountain biker, so gnarly factor is different, but everything said applies to both peddlers and throttle twisters.
  9. Kenpo1

    Whats a reckluse clutch

    You're going to want to get some sandpaper and some xanthan gum and thicken up that skin. We like smart a$$ banter around here, and it can come off mean. For example, I think you have to be a tool to ride a Honda, fourstrokes are for pantywastes who can't use a clutch or choose the right gear, and a rekluse just means you've got a giant sandy vag*na. But if you're on a Honda four stroke with a rekluse, I still ride with you this Saturday, wouldn't leave you when that heavy turd boils over, and I'll buy you a burger and some fries on the way home. You buy next time though, cuz that's how it works.
  10. Kenpo1

    Whats a reckluse clutch

    You know how some street bike riders get to a certain age/level of helth etc where they can't ride a proper street bike anymore, so they buy one of those street trikes? A Rekluse is kind of like that.
  11. Great article Robb. I'm curious, have you used HRV monitoring as a means to anticipate, track and adjust for overtraining in athletes? If so, have you found it useful? I know it's parasympathetic systems only, but there's other correlations.
  12. Kenpo1

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    I'm not familiar with Crown Kind, but I know the ST that's out there isn't super easy to find and isn't well known. Bummer you lost a day. The vid you posted looks to be east Florence maybe (South Butte) maybe? Looks like a fun ride, but I don't think I've ever been on that trail.
  13. Kenpo1

    Post videos of hard technical traiLs here

    When did you come visit us in AZ? Hope it was good and that you got to see a lot of trail!
  14. Kenpo1

    Stabilizer questions

    Maybe it's just me... but the video isn't working.
  15. Kenpo1

    STIC metering block?

    Shoot Derek a message.