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  1. RM Rider_Jet66

    What do you'll think about my GMC

    you're lucky man... so when is the next time you'll be riding in the back of a truck???
  2. you're gonna run into basterds like that all the time... go get your bike and blow him away... that'll shut him up
  3. RM Rider_Jet66

    post pics of your RM 125 and 250's

    <<<<< check the avatar... I don't feel like uploading more pics right now
  4. RM Rider_Jet66

    2006 RM125 comments???

    Really??? how many of the suzuki bikes have you ridden??? how many reviews have you read??? since you are a honda fan, tell me why that the honda two strokes absolutely sucked up until last year, and tell me why suzuki has finished above the hondas in numerous shootouts Who won the majority of the 125 shootouts in 2001, 2002, and 2003? I'll admit that suzuki has been lagging the last two years. The 04 and 05 and 06 rmz 250 sucked, but their two stroke line has had minimal problems and once again, their engines have always made great all around power since 2001. Think before you open your mouth This is a suzuki thread so don't expect to get away with a dumbass comment on suzuki.
  5. RM Rider_Jet66

    2006 RM125 comments???

    What??? where have you been??? four strokes cause more wear and tear on the bike... ALL parts need replaced more frequently on a thumper. Have you missed all of the other threads that happened to mention the fact that four jokes cost nearly twice as much to maintain and the parts need replaced more frequently in nearly all cases? Four strokes are more complex so if one thing goes wrong, something else is bound to break if you don't fix it right away. If you take care of a pinger the right way it will definetely last quite a long time.
  6. RM Rider_Jet66

    2006 RM125 comments???

    The motor on Suzuki's 125 has always been a competitor... it makes great power for a 125 and does have a bottom end... IF you know what you're doing. Like many other people have said, the two stroke engine is fairly simple and the average rider can do all the necessary maintenance himself. I ride and race a 2001 Suzuki RM 125 and love it. For me, the thumper riders at my track aren't a problem. The pingers can keep up with the thumpers on the straight aways, but you have to know how to use the clutch in the turns to keep the revs up so you can blast out of the turn and keep up with 'em. Riding a two stroke will definetely help to make you a better rider. nuff said. If you are planning to race, send your motor out to get ported ( Moto 814 would be my choice) and you'll be set. The engine on my 01 made pretty good all around power stock... I can only imagine what it would be like after 5 more years of developement. I'm definetely happy with my bike and I'm sure you'll be too. but, if you want to follow the crowd and pay the bills, wait for the 2007 RM-Z 250
  7. RM Rider_Jet66

    2007 Spy Shots!!!

    Thank god... they finally redesigned the radiator shrouds!!! Now they only have to PROVE that it can actually keep up with everything else. This bike better be good... Its not going to have EFI for 2007 right? I wouldn't be surprised if Suzuki is going to try and push production for EFI since they already have it on their new quad. Isn't a carb good enough??? Just something else to repair
  8. RM Rider_Jet66

    Fuel injection confirmed for 2007/08?

    great... just more stuff to maintain and repair Why do we even bother attempting to keep up with the technology Anyways... as far as e-start... I doubt we'll see that on the race bikes
  9. RM Rider_Jet66

    2 choices... post your opinion.

    No... they don't support yamaha. I think I'm going orange. Some of your opinions made a lot of sense and links to the other forums helped. I'd rather support Austria anyways instead of Japan. There are too many jobs being transferred to Japan and China... I'd rather take my $6,000 elsewhere. I have a good job set up for the summer so I should be able to pull the costs...Hopefully I can't wait to see how I like this thumper. Considering the only four stroke I've ridden was a clapped out xr, I should be in for a surprise. Hopefully I'm not blowing more than 6 grand for nothing. I should have an update on when I'll make the purchase in a few days. I've got to talk to my parents... you know how it goes.
  10. RM Rider_Jet66

    getting close..........

    sweet... its looking good
  11. RM Rider_Jet66

    2 choices... post your opinion.

    Thanks for the support! I actually like to work on my own bikes. Like you said... it gives you a greater appreciation for the sport. I just feel stupid when on the contract it asks for your mechanic's shirt size!!! oh well. I know I'm not going pro so there is no need for a mechanic. I get a kick out of people coming to me wanting to fix stuff all the time. I'm happy where I am though. Thanks for all the info and opinions.
  12. RM Rider_Jet66

    Ready to Buy - What should I pay??

    anything near a couple hundred dollars off retail is pretty good... heck there are still 04 RMZ 250s sitting at my dealer and hes still asking 4900!!!
  13. RM Rider_Jet66

    dual exhaust for the 110

    waste of money... and for no performance gain. I never understood the whole mini bike craze
  14. RM Rider_Jet66

    engine trouble IDEAS???

    are you talking about the powervalve??? if not... you're lost. Two strokes shouldn't have valves. at least not the ones I'm thinking of
  15. RM Rider_Jet66

    Port and Polish ???

    Go to Steve at moto814. You'll find a lot of info on pingertalk.com... or whats left of it. check out moto814s (thumperkiller) forum too