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  1. Dirty 1TEN

    First race ever for me....

    Thats cool I sometimes ride our local big track. It's the only option I have if I want to ride track. Only problem is I got to run with the big bikes. They treat me like a speed bump
  2. Dirty 1TEN

    Are these Marzocchi shiver forks

    Sure loks like GPX to me
  3. Dirty 1TEN

    i hate my pitster

    Exactly my point contact the company
  4. Dirty 1TEN

    i hate my pitster

    I actully had this exact problem solved over the phione. Bought a bike and got it shipped from another European country. Rang the guy and discribed exactly what was going on. Told me a few things to try, one was to replace the coil and ht lead (from another bike), bingo! Allways start with the guy you buy from.
  5. Dirty 1TEN

    Cryogenic treatments

    Like freeze the f*** out of it .Never heard of it used in this way .There's a health centre close to me that has a chamber they use to treat sports injurys and stuff all right , might sneek in some parts with me
  6. Dirty 1TEN

    Clutch conversion

    Thanks man I'll look into that
  7. Dirty 1TEN

    Real world maintaince

    Thought it was the place for this question as I haven't a specific bike nailed down (a fairly GENERAL question ) As for the serch tried and tried, appoligy Mr. gunnails didn't realise I was out of line
  8. Ok so I' looking at a 250f , at the minute all I got is a pit bike . I change the oil every 5 rides or so give the air filter a wash and hose down the crud off the bike(sometimes after a real dirty ride I will actully do it straight away). The 250 would be mostly for trails maybe an odd track day , how quickly would I kill it with a schedule like i use What more would be required to properly maintain it.Have v. little experence but work pretty well from good instructions (haynes manuel etc.)
  9. Dirty 1TEN

    starting kids off??

    Well the eldest guy wants to be a pro MX'er all ready:) so I had better get him riding , not to spoil his chances
  10. Dirty 1TEN

    starting kids off??

    Thats the plan man
  11. Dirty 1TEN

    starting kids off??

    Appricate the feed back lads , think I'll go ahead with the 110 and a little chesp auto 50 , and a BIG field :-D
  12. Dirty 1TEN

    Clutch conversion

    Right I've found a sweet looking little 50 cc pit bike with a loncin motor for my 7 yr old . Thing is its a manual clutch , is it possable to change this to automatic ? big job , small job?? I'm clueless in this department so go easy on me if it a stoopid question.
  13. What it says really , I've only gotten back into biking myself so one of them is ten and the other guy is seven. Well I've got a little 110 china pit bike which fits the 10 yr old pretty good , but it's manual clutch 4 speed .Is it looking for trouble would I be better off with a semi auto , what you think ( he's tall , pretty quick to pick up stuff and good on a mtn. bike ) Really need to go for a 50 I think with the smaller guy , your thoughts
  14. Dirty 1TEN

    Help spend some of my cash

    Yeah reliable and reasnoble ease of maintance would defenatly be up there. Only XR I see on honda(this side of the pond) at the minute is a 650 , are the 250 and 400 out of production or US models>Sorry if thats a stupid question:confused:
  15. Ok , so I'm confussed and come to you TT'ers for inspiration . Here's my deal , I'm coming at this thing from mountain biking (mostly Downhilling), then off season last year bought a pit bike for racing around the fields with some buddies.Well one thing lead to another as it does and now I think I've got to dip into the wallet again.Not having much experence in the dirtbike world I'm pretty lost I'm 38 years old and at the minute I'm riding single track and enduro trails (yes on a pitbike it a bit shite)and a bit of grasstrack racing with buddies but no competion stuff. Found a local MXtrack and would fancy riding it but I can't see myself stepping up to race ever. Was looking at a Honda crf 230 would this be a suitable bike form my needs or is something else screaming at me to be bought?? Your thoughts would be much appricated , Hope this is the right form for this. Oh yeah I'm 5' 10" and somewhere around 200lbs