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  1. MXer788

    ktm 525 or crf 450r or x for street /track

    stock gearing is with a 13 tooth up front. so 14 48 actually is pretty good for the track. I doubt it will blow up unless you're at the rev limiter all the time.
  2. MXer788

    New 2006 Honda CRF450R for supermoto?

    The 2006 450's definitely last longer than the older models, I love everything about mine. I have yet to had to adjust the valve clearances, and I ride the bike pretty hard too, mainly motocross (racing and practicing). I do the regular maintenance and I would suggest stripping the bike down, when new, and regreasing it, no matter what brand. Good luck.
  3. MXer788

    Bent my sub-frame today....

    hahhh yes! the cracktorch!....Unfortunately I have had to do that twice in the last month, and the second time the muffler ended right about..in the middle over the back tire...My pops and I got out the cracktorch, heated it up smokin hot and wedged a breaker bar in there...smacked it...good as new...even tho it isss an 06...no way like the cheap way...
  4. MXer788

    question for H/S racers

    I second that, actually I always start my bike like that. I just unload it.Kick it over slowly until TDC, and then one good kick and it starts right up (with the choke if its cold). Anyways goin to TDC definitely helps instead of the short rapid kicking style, at least I think so.
  5. I'm not quite pro like carmichael or anyone, but just from when I ride and knowing/watching fast riders I think the main reason is just somewhat of a mental reminder to stay loose. Those few big jumps can add up as resting time in a race when your giving 110% and by loosening up in the air you can remind yourself to breathe and stay relaxed. Just my .02
  6. MXer788

    4-stroke frustration...

    Cool, thanks for the help guys. I think I do need to just practice the braking/engine braking control at higher speeds, and hope I don't mess up. Going from a 125 to a 450 I think makes the getting used to part a little harder. I would be planning on practicing some more but too bad it hasn't completely stopped raining in nor-cal just yet.
  7. Okay so I have somewhat of a situation with the track I practice on during the week. The track isn't the best designed or kept up, which kind of shows with my problem but I'm still trying to shave off time so it kind of bothers me. Anyways, getting to the point there is a turn with a small table top and then a pretty long straightaway, but then there is a table top with a fairly steep face at the end of the straightaway and it's only about 30 feet long and then about another 20 feet after it into a corner. So, on my 450 I am going way to fast to hit it so I either pull in the clutch, downshift and brake and keep the clutch in and jump it....or I let out the clutch which can sometimes get the back wheel to want to lock up, and I don't want to swap out of the jump so thats a negative....and I don't want to coast up to it in any way because that is a lot of time.....It also kind of sucked when a really fast guy on a 125 could go up to the face way faster than me. I know a 2-stroke would be easier to deal with in that section(I still wouldn't ever give up my 450 though), but my question is, what is the fastest way to deal with that section?......thanks for the help...and sorry for the long post
  8. MXer788

    Push it, or ride it?

    Actually, that reminds me of when me and some friends were out at Prairie City OHV a year or so ago. We were in the camping area which is pretty flat and my friend and I were sitting at a table when we saw this guy riding in jeans, don't think he had a helmet. He was on an older 2 stroke and kinda launched up the ramp. Needless to say he slammed into the back of the cab and fell out of the side of the truck...he looked kinda shaken up but his friends were there. Me and my friend had busted out laughing... Anyways I think if you aren't a goon like him then you could do it. I do it sometimes and its on a 10in wide or so diamond plate ramp...gl with it.
  9. Just since i have an 06 450r and did this...i bent the tabs on the metal cage that are attached and it was way easier than i thought, almost as if they wanted someone to do it. I just installed the filter back on the plastic cage and ran it that way. Seemed to have even maybe a little more power, and its been probably 10 rides at least since then. No backfire problems and i have used mainly the stock filter. Didn't have 100$ for the uni setup...