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  1. Buell XB12X Ulysses. Does everything. Zips through traffic. Long travel suspension soaks up the bumps. Great in the twisties.
  2. wildhwg

    Arizona riding

    Just a general question right now. I might be asking for more specific ares later. We have a couple of un-modded DRZ 400s's
  3. wildhwg

    Arizona riding

    I was just on the ama members only site and was looking for off road riding ares. The search came up 0. Does this mean there is no off road riding in Arizona or that the whole state is open. Yours truly, Confused.
  4. wildhwg

    Helmet cam of freeway crash.

    Someone has got to get the word out. You don't ever take a riders helment off after a crash like that as you can actually do more harm to the person. They're so pumped up on adrenaline that they don't know how hurt they are. Let the paramedics figure it out.