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  1. HFrettlohr

    Flywheel weight?

    I did some research on my own. I guess the weighted flywheel helps with the hit and bog. Does it really make that much of a difference? How will it effect the bike?
  2. HFrettlohr

    A program for new 2 stroke riders

    I qualify as newbie to 2 strokes...thanks for the tables. Both of them. I can do the math but it's more fun to cheat. I have a few questions if you guys dont mind. Best ratio for trail riding? My buddy said not to pre mix a 5 gallon jug but to do it one gallon at a time. Why would he say that? Does it matter? Is he a freak? Is synthetic better? What oil should I run in the bike (KX 65)? Thanks PS You guys are great. You definitely beat out the TTR forum.
  3. HFrettlohr

    Flywheel weight?

    Interesting... Somebody recommended I get a weighted flywheel for my son's KX 65. We mostly trail ride and he has not even ridden his yet. I bought him an '02 that was set up for racing. The thing screams. Anyways....what does the weighted flywheel accomplish and is there a recommended one for the KX 65?
  4. HFrettlohr

    KX 65 question

    Thanks for the respones guys. I really appreciate it. It's hard to get any help on the TTR forum. I am looking at an '02 now.
  5. HFrettlohr

    KX 65 question

    He's been riding a TTR-90 around for the last year. A CRF50 since he was 6. He shifts throught 90's gears pretty well. I thought about the TTR110 but it would just be very similar to the 90. I need to give the 90 to my 7 year old that is totally beyond the 50 now. My 9 year old is a prettly solid rider with good throttle control and common sense.
  6. HFrettlohr

    KX 65 question

    I'm seriously considering this bike for my nine year old. He's kinda on the small side at 4'2" 54lbs. Any thoughts. Also for you CA guys...any knowledge if a year group was green sticker? Most of the riding will be trail and desert. Will start taking to the track as soon as he gets used to it.
  7. I highly recommend the TTR110. Four speed automatic and electric start. Big enough for you to sit on the back with them and introduce them to changing the gears correctly and show them throttle control. My 9-year loves it and my 7-year old can ride it as well. The price is right too. The CRF70 is too small. They will out grow it quiclky. After a year the TTR110 might be to small for them as well. Just how it goes. Kawasaki and Suzuki also make 110's. However, the Yamaha is a a tad taller and has the electric start. For newbies it's hard to beat.
  8. HFrettlohr

    What's up with the TTR90?

    Any advice out there? Thanks guys.
  9. HFrettlohr

    What's up with the TTR90?

    What's the deal with the air filter box. Is there any way to get rid of it and use a clamp-on filter like the CRF50? Or is there a reason it's like it is? I have a Pro Circuit exhaust on my sons bike and need just a touh more...
  10. As any of you with a 06 CRF50 knows the fule mixture screw is slotted for what appears to be a specialty tool. I've looked everywhere on the net for this thing and ran a search here. No luck. ANY help would be appreciated... Is there an after market screw I can replace it with? Thanks...
  11. HFrettlohr

    2006 odometer eliminator

    call Flatland 1-877-375-5527
  12. HFrettlohr

    Jetting D-Base for YZ/WR 250F

    Model (YZ or WR 250F): '06 Timing (WR-YZ): YZ Main jet: 185 Pilot Jet: 42 Fuel screw (turns out): 2 1/4 Needle model/Clip position: JD blue recommended clip pos. Airbox lid (on or off): on ...snorkel removed Pipe: stock w/ PMB Altitude where you ride: 1000-3500 Temperature where you ride: normally 70-90 currently around 50 Other mods: throttle stop, jd kit, #40 leak jet Degree of satisfaction: when the temp was up it was much better...loved it. Have some popping right now
  13. HFrettlohr

    Is my buddy full of it?

    I just ordered the Flatland radiator guards. My buddy, who's been riding way longer than I, told me they would restrict air flow thru the radiator and cause my bike to overheat. I usually just trail ride for about 1-3 hours at a time... So is he right?
  14. HFrettlohr

    Leak Jet #40 Where to get it???

    Another way to find parts quickly is to Google the part number. It will ususally list several stores that have the product in stock. That's how I got my leak jets. Just my .02 cents.....
  15. HFrettlohr

    06 wr250f smog removal

    The AIS kit from TT for the WR450 fits the 250. The main plug is a just a bit smaller but some JB weld or similar product will cure it.