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  1. Hey guys, don't mean to spam here but this is something really cool I wanted to share if you haven't already heard. This will be the 10th Year for the Ricky Carmichael Amateur Supercross at Daytona and this year an additional vintage event has been added on Tuesday. That's Tuesday during Daytona Bike Week, so not only can you go enjoy all the Bike Week festivities but you can also go race at Daytona! It's the first time they've done this, so I hope a lot of folks are interested and the event sticks around. It's a great opportunity to race at a legendary facility. Even if you're not looking to race, you can still attend as there's also a Vintage Bike Show. Check out all the details, classes, rules, pre-entry and all the other details at https://racedaytona.com/
  2. It's a much, much more complicated process than it seems. To explain it and keep from getting too confusing, each camera has to have an antenna that communicates wirelessly to the TV trailer. Obviously, you can only go a certain distance on these, so a lot of times it also needs another antenna to serve as a repeater. Between antennas and the encoders to send the signal, plus the camera itself, and cables running from the camera to encoder to antenna, you're talking well over $20,000 per camera. There's a million other little factors that go into making it happen as well, and even the littlest thing can have an effect on getting a good signal back and forth.
  3. When you go to the main results page, right above the link to view results for round 1, there's a search bar. You can search by name, number or even select to search by state. Pretty cool! http://www.racer-results.net/results/gncc/2015/results.asp Also, the reason Tanner's name didn't show up on that first attached image is, points only pay out to the top 20 riders. Tanner, hate to hear about the streak of bad luck! Florida was SUPER rough and even though the sun came out on Sunday in Georgia, there were still some nasty spots out there. I actually lost 4 wheel drive on the quad, so pulling arrows and tape on Monday proved to be a bit of a challenge in some areas. I made it through until the very last section of woods I cleaned, and with about 100 yards to go I got stuck in a couple of bike ruts going up a hill, then broke the winch trying to get out. Luckily another worker was about to come by the road just up from where I was so I ran up to the road and had him winch me out. I logged over 500 miles on a quad and over 140 hours of work between those first two rounds, left around 6pm Monday evening and pulled into the Racer Productions office in WV about 4am Tuesday to park the truck/trailer I was driving... and for the first time since 2011 I didn't get to ride a motorcycle even one time in those first too races, so that was a bit of a bummer.
  4. Ha, yeah, that's me... Not sure if I want to admit that.
  5. Best of luck this season! I work with GNCC Racing doing, well, a little of everything. I help set up the tracks (mostly do a lot of the course marking but occasionally I get to help layout some cool bike only stuff) then during the races I'm out in the woods pushing, pulling, towing, etc or sometimes I'm lucky enough to ride sweep. I also help with written content on the website and whatever else gets asked of me. Anyway, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to drop me a line at bolton@gnccracing.com and I'll be glad to help you out, and of course if you see me at the races feel free to say hi. Oh, and since you'll be travelling from Canada, if you happen to bring Ricky, Juilan, Bubbles, J-Roc and T, or even Mr. Lahey and Randy along, I'd like to meet those guys.
  6. Haven't seen or talked to Cory in a while but last I had heard he still had a little bit of healing left but was actually working a regular job.
  7. On the topic of track maintenance, there is work done when time allows but you can't re-prep an entire track after every moto, especially when there's live TV involved. Basically, that track has eyes on it constantly and anyone who spots anything that ends up being too rough, too deep, etc, will call it in and it will be fixed.
  8. Check out Paul Whibley grab the overall win at the Pea Ridge Mid-East Hare Scramble in Jonesville, South Carolina... http://jaredbolton.com/2013/06/25/pea-ridge-mid-east-video/
  9. Just keep in mind that we lay the GNCC courses out to accommodate everyone from a C class beginner to the top level pros, bike and quad both. You'll never really ride anything that seems like something out of an extreme enduro, but there's always some challenging stuff as well. Especially if you're riding the B class, you'll be in the Afternoon race with the pros, which sometimes have special sections that the other races didn't go through. Sometimes the hardest thing about the afternoon race at a GNCC is the fact that it's 3 hours, so make sure you're ready to ride for 3 hours straight. The majority of B riders get lapped because of the fact that their rows start further back, so that can come into play on how long you're racing. If you get lapped once, and are close to getting lapped again at the end of the race but do NOT get lapped, you could be out on the course for over 3 hours. Fitness is huge in the Afternoon bike race.
  10. Not to me it doesn't. That's sort of like a motorhome and those are allowed haha
  11. Check with Snowshoe. Call them at 1-877-441-4386 and let them know you're coming for the race. They may still have rooms available. At the very least, you should be able to get a room at The Inn At Snowshoe. It's at the bottom of the mountain (6 miles from the village and start/finish/pit areas) and typically doesn't sell out. No tent camping at Snowshoe.
  12. Snowshoe and The Mountaineer Run are almost completely different. Snowshoe is very rocky but the difference is it has all this deep black mud between the rocks that gets deep. There's also a ton of natural springs under the mountain at Snowshoe which adds to the mud factor. Its a very technical, very gnarly, rugged course. However, it's also a lot of fun and the atmosphere of the entire event really is like no other. The laps are long but you actually do 2 laps to make 1 full lap. You ride one side of the mountain and coming through scoring, then go off and ride the other side of the mountain and come through scoring again. Basically, you're riding 2 separate shorter courses.
  13. I'm on an 02 250SX but it's a project bike by Genuine Dirt Racer/Powersport Grafx/WP Racing USA, and feels really similar to a newer 250XC... Not sure if that counts haha
  14. Check out some of the action from the 2013 Sumter Enduro! http://jaredbolton.com/2013/02/04/sumter-enduro-video/
  15. There's no freeze frame there. Unless you're talking about slow-mo... And if that's the case. Yeah, there's a bit of that ha.
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