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  1. Making the trip to Lakewood for the regionals and would like to know if anyone had to change there jetting.We have a 2007 YZ250F and 2008 YZ450F.Any help would be appreciated.
  2. MXDAD128

    Throttle sticking

    Thanks...we've already tried that.It didn't help any.
  3. MXDAD128

    Throttle sticking

    I have a friend that has a 2008 150.After riding it on a track wide open when you let off the throttle is doesn't shut off.You can ride it all you want in the pits and can't make it do it but as soon as you get on the track it will stick open.I've asked if the throttle has slack when it does this but he said that it doesn't.He also said that after he pulls in the clutch and lets it rev while twisting the throttle back and forth that he feels something pop then it will release.Just was wondering if anyone has had this problem.
  4. MXDAD128

    Loud bikes = closed tracks

    I have a feeling that some tracks will probably start testing soon.
  5. MXDAD128

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Piston assembly and gaskets.
  6. MXDAD128

    Broken piston wrist pin

    There were no signs that it was starting to break.It just sounded like a rod bearing was starting to go.He was a little gun shy that day...he had just blew his 250F up and knew that the sound wasn't normal.I'm glad he shut it down when he first heard it so it didn't do any more damage to the engine.
  7. MXDAD128

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Then engine had about 8 hrs on it and the last 4 of the vin are: 8279
  8. MXDAD128

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Kawi did cover this repair but gave no reason for it happening that's why there calling for the part back.
  9. MXDAD128

    How many of you wish it was a 5-speed?

    I changed the rear sprocket to a 48 and my son loves it.It made 1st gear more usable and gave it the top end he needed.
  10. MXDAD128

    Broken piston wrist pin

    Just wanted to see if anyone besides myself have had a piston wrist pin to break in half?Ours broke this past weekend and when I called Kawasaki they said that they have had a few reported to them.I put the engine back together today and will be sending the parts back to them this week.
  11. MXDAD128

    Thor Gear

    We got our first set of Core gear about a week ago and love it.We ordered 3 more suits today.