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  1. ImTomScott

    2016 60th anniversary YZ450 Price

    If you haven't bought one yet I would give James Jarman a call in Charlottesville, VA (Jarmans Sportcycles). My family has bought several bikes from him now. He is a great guy. I live in Texas and just bought one in OK for $7300 OTD. Hope this gives you an idea of what you could possibly get one for if you look long enough and are willing to take a drive!
  2. ImTomScott

    My 2010 KX 250F

    Bike looks nice but I agree some riding footage would be sick. I imagine it's cold this time of year in Iowa.
  3. Flux Motocross.com -- Inside the Outdoors - Steel City I know it came out yesterday but I finally got around to posting it for yall. Check it out if you have 20 minutes. Lots of good footage of Villopoto, Dungey, Baggett, and D.Wilson. Courtesy of Fuel.TV.
  4. ImTomScott

    Which should I buy. '06 CR250 or '06 CRF250?

    I have a CRF450 That I've had for about 8 months now and a CRF250 which I've had for 2 months now. They are both running GREAT. No valve adjustments or anything. The only thing is to clean the air filter on the 450 its a bitch but the 250 is way easy to do I had a 05 KX250F and after less then a year the engine blew up on me. Every bolt on it just came loose and I was constantly checking the bolts before I went riding. How would I personely rate my decision KX VS CRF? I love the Honda it's been very inspiring to ride giving me confidence to do things I normally wouldn't. The suspension is great and the power is definetly great. Most of all its a Honda As far as the 250F vs the 250 2-stroke. Thats a matter of preference. I had a really hard time hoping back on a 250 2-stroke after I was riding my 250F's. It's just a different animal. If your using it for racing think about getting a different 250 Two Stroke as Honda really doesn't have the best one. I would say take a look at the Yamaha, Suzuki, or KTM. That way you get the most for your money. Honda really hasn't updated their two strokes in a while. Have fun choosing!
  5. ImTomScott

    Where do you guys get OEM Honda parts from online?

    http://discounthondaparts.com check them out to ^
  6. ImTomScott

    Race Tomorrow. SUGESTIONS?

    ahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa He races C when its muddy. MOST C riders don't hit jumps in the mud so you should be ok.
  7. ImTomScott

    First Race Nerves

    The best thing I can suggest is what Josh 27 said. Don't race other people in the C class just race the track. C class is probably the most risky to race other guys. The person in front of you might be in front of you but might be inexperienced and all of a sudden switch lines on you so stay alert and try to feel out whats going on. Change up your lines if you have to. NEVER go into a turn that the perosn in front of you is in because if they dump the bike over what happens to you? You either fall, stall, or lose time. hope that helps! Have a great time and good luck!
  8. ImTomScott


    Hey rideordie87 Call Monmouth Cycles and ask for Matt tell him I sent you and see what he can do for you. He is a buddy of mine and got me mine $5670 OTD.
  9. ImTomScott

    jlaw's shiner........

    Mills is his room mate lol. Do you seriously think they would be standing right next to one another if he punched lawrence in the face haha. That was a joke. but no he didn't get it from the bike.
  10. ImTomScott

    Loretta Lynns National

    Leave and get there early There are a few of my buddies from Jersey that already left wednesday and got there last night. They obviously got spots right up next to the track.
  11. ImTomScott

    jlaw's shiner........

    lolol nooooooooo that isnt what happend. It happend at my friends house a block away I'd say how it happend but don't feel its my place to lol.
  12. ImTomScott


    All those companies ill look into! Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll let you know who I go with in like 2 weeks when I send it out
  13. ImTomScott


    Who should I send my suspension out to? B rider 160-165 LBs. I was thinking PR2 has anyone else got work done from them yet?
  14. ImTomScott

    First time bike buyer

    yea that sounds about right. They have to cover their 'cost' of the bike.
  15. ImTomScott

    Is it worth it?

    Nice! What are they exactly leak/power jets? I saw it over at the 450 forum I just have to see what size they recommend in the 250F because I have a 45 but its for my 450.