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    Help with 04 RM-Z 250

    I am in Fort Worth area. Any suggestions would be great.
  2. suzrmzrider

    Help with 04 RM-Z 250

    OK back to the old questions about valves on an 04 RM-Z 250. I have had 3 valve adjustments done this year and they do not last more than 6 - 8 hours of riding. My local mechanic says I probably need a new head because of wear-out. The bike was stolen earlier this year and while it was gone the guy that bought it from the thief did some engine work. It does not seem to have nearly as much snap as it did before it was stolen so I am not certain what the problem is. Any cautions, thoughts or input would be appreciated. By the way the bike was stolen Feb.4 and my son found it at a local track on May 12th. He called me, I called the police and within 15 minutes after the officer arrived we had posession of the bike. I know that does not happen often so I am already grateful to have it back, just wish it would run better.