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  1. Ive got a few questions about the ktm organization and I would like to talk with a shop owner who deals with them regularly. If you could PM me that would be great. Thanks Ryan
  2. rhoffman1

    What did stewart drink post rce at colorado

    If your interested in knowing more about Mona Vie PM me!! More of the pro mx comunity is taking this stuff then you know. Most of the top guys are taking it, heck even Deegan takes it. Great, great product especially if youve ever had an injury followed by arthritis (everyone in here pretty much). Thats what sold me on the stuff. I started taking it and the pain from an old foot injury was gone. Also one awsome long term effect Ive notices is I dont get migrains anymore. I usually get them 4-8 times a year, sometimes bad enough that I have to go to the hospital. I havent gotten one in 9 months, its heaven Ryan
  3. rhoffman1

    Has Anyone Tried Mona Vie Health Juice?

    http://www.racerxvt.com/virtual_trainer/aldon_exclusive_nutrition.html or http://www.aibmr.com/monavie.pdf And the MLM is no scam. Do a little research and you will find there is no other MLM like this one. Do a google search on "is Mona Vie a scam" and you will not find one write saying its a scam. The closest you will find is people saying they dont like MLM's but dont give any specifics as to why Mona Vie may not be lagit.
  4. http://www.supermotoracer.com/0108_jan_posts/precepts_08_jan.html
  5. rhoffman1

    Attn J Law haters

    I think you would be really supprise at who has toked up a little even on race night to calm the nerves.
  6. rhoffman1

    I have not heard much on RV's crash

    no not at all just pointing out how bad the crash was for those who dont click on the link and read the whole story.
  7. rhoffman1

    I have not heard much on RV's crash

    RV: "Oh, I’m pretty sure that it did, but I came down pretty much upside down, straight on my head, so who knows how badly I could have been hurt if I wasn’t wearing it? I mean, I know I would have broken the same bones even if I hadn’t been wearing it, probably more. I have no regrets and I will continue to wear a Leatt Brace." Quote from Transworld interview. You mean he may very well have broken his neck and been in a chair or worse but his leatt brace saved him and may or may not have caused his collarbone injury. On a side not RL his trainer said it was one of the narliest get offs hes ever seen and thought RV was going to be way worse off. I doesnt take very much pressure to break your collarbone so in a crash this violent I would bet a collarbone would have been one of the injuries with or with out the brace.
  8. rhoffman1

    Graphic help.

    2x on the FLU designs. Sweet clean looking graphics. They hold up really well and you cant beat the price.
  9. rhoffman1

    best helmet ?

    My new SixSixOne helmet fits awsome and is looks pretty cool too.
  10. rhoffman1


    Has anyone tried this stuff, man it really works. To make a long story short its taken away all my pain from a broken foot and blown out knee. Anyone else using this stuff.
  11. rhoffman1

    World's ugliest bike stand

    This pic is a little ironic. Thousands of dollars spend on parts but cant spare $50 for a stand. Just messn' with ya Good looking bike though
  12. rhoffman1

    What kind of gear do you guys have ?

    Gear: 08 TLD Boots: Sidi Crossfire SRS Neck brace: Leatt Knee braces: CTi Helmet: SixSixOne 2008 warp / icon Goggles: Spy Magneto / Alloy Protection: SixSixOne pro pressure suit (supermoto) All sponsors (exept Leatt) but also very good equiptment. All top quality.
  13. http://www.motorsportsetc.com/champs/mx_natns.htm Actually he won it in 07, 05, 00 2007 w/ Villopoto & Ferry 2005 w/ Windham & Tedesco 2000 w/ Hughes & Pastrans He was also on the 2001 team that was favored to win but the team didnt race due to 9-11
  14. rhoffman1

    Best prices for slicks?

    Michelins are the way to go. They make a SM specific tire that rocks. You can get them at Precepts Motorsports starting at $330+ tax and shipping. preceptsmoto@sbcglobal.net is there email.