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  1. eddysikk125

    Got My Bike!!

    nice bike! i have the same one lovely bikes:D how much did u pay?
  2. eddysikk125

    KX 100 Pictures

    my kx100 1997 just been fully rebuilt hope you like it!
  3. eddysikk125

    kx 60 forks. how much would they go for?

    umm possibly $1,000,000
  4. eddysikk125

    kx 100

    hi , what gearbox oil must i put in my kx100 97?
  5. eddysikk125

    KX 100 of a different color

    yes the kx85 and kx100 plastics are the same.
  6. eddysikk125

    need help with kx 100 cdi?:S

    hi , i have nt long purchased a kx 100 97 model , wen i bought it , the guy had put a different cdi box on there, which i do not kno why , i dont kno anything about cdi boxes but can they effect the speed of your bike or anything like that? because the bike doesnt seem fast at all , it is very slow compared to other kx 100s ( i mean slow) , could it be the cdi box? do i need the right cdi box for the bike? but i am not sure its just a question that i am stuck on , other poeple say its my piston rings which it could be..? can u give your opinions? thnx alot:D
  7. eddysikk125

    power band?

    i do not know much about 2 strokes , i have a kx 100 97 model , and i am wondering how do you tune the powerband? if u can:S
  8. eddysikk125

    kx100 exhaust?

    hi im wondering if a 00-03 kx 100 exhaust silencer fit a 95-97?
  9. eddysikk125

    KTM 950 sm vid

    F**kin badd bike:D
  10. eddysikk125

    kx 100

    hey i am wondering what year kawasaki started to put upside down forks on the kx 100 thnx very much:D
  11. eddysikk125

    Trouble with powerband? :S

    ive just bought a kx100 , this is my first 2-stroke motorbike so i dont know much about 2 strokes , but i seem to have a problem with the power band , everything seems to run fine on the bike but the powerband doesnt seem to kick in ? can somebody give some suggestions thank you:)
  12. eddysikk125

    what do you guys think?

    hi m8 , yep its a thumpstar copy , but i say its not really a copy its a genuine frame n forks because they are exactly the same but the engine is ttoally different. its a replica of the thumpstar 125 pro elite 04-05 model.
  13. eddysikk125

    wot u think for £300

    duh hes takin da pi** lol , well its an k bike bu nt da gd , sum gd parts on it n sum dodgey sh** .
  14. eddysikk125

    fox graphics

    hi , i say they will look great , the black on the graphics will blend striaght in n look amazin , i was tinkin bou gerrrin em 2:)
  15. eddysikk125

    loncin 110cc performance parts

    hi, if your willing 2 spend dollar on bits n bobs for da engine , y dont u jus buy like a 125cc eninge off ebay , there some nice quality ones e.g mighty mini or xsport cr3 on there for about £100-£300 save alot of money n more power:D.