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  1. dreadrock

    Lets see some pics of your WR's

    go to ONE industry they have them for like 180.00 U.S 04wr450f 04crf150f
  2. dreadrock

    How soon should I adjust the valves?

    Got my WR450 2 years age have had ZERO problems with it . Valves were spot on. only thing it needs is a rider with more skill heheh 04WR450 04crf150
  3. dreadrock

    Is a WR450 going to be too much for me?

    Sweet welcome to the club. if you like the bike now wait till you uncock it 04wr450f 04crf150f
  4. dreadrock

    Is a WR450 going to be too much for me?

    Yea i would have to say my 04 WR 450 was lil tamer then i thought it would be . but did the free mods to it was nice then came the FMF Q2 pipe ( no header yet ) . then thers the scotts dampner . love mine next will be sending my forks and shock out to get done . So i would say yea the WR450 is a great bike good luck 04 WR450f 04 Crf 150f
  5. dreadrock

    Amp'd Mobile Graphics

    can anyone plz help me . im looking for the new Amp'd mobile graphics for my WR . think they make them for the YZ but think i can make it work . anyway i had the site but lost it (my comp over reved hehe) and cant seem to find it again. so any help would be ... well help thx 04 WR 450f 04 crf 150f
  6. dreadrock

    WR 450 06 exhaust

    I know on my 04 450 the stock pipe with baff out was very loud over a 2 hour scramble. went with a FMF Q2 pipe and love has very nice sound and not deafening.good luck Dread 04 WR450f 04 Crf150f
  7. dreadrock

    Additional airbox mods. What is to be gained/

    wow theres no way i could do that in ohio. that box would be filled with water and mud , not good 04 WR450f 04 Crf150f
  8. dreadrock

    Does YZ rear fender fit a WR

    Yea it will fit . you just have to do lil work is all . i took my stock fender and set it on top of new one to get better idea were to cut. 04 WR450f 04Crf150f
  9. dreadrock

    Ducati Hypermotard

    yea but did anyone see the weight of the thing . i think it was kind of heavy but it is a 1000. 04 WR450 04 crf150
  10. dreadrock

    quit smoking

    Marlboro tells you right on the side off the pack its bad to smoke . but we keep on smoking. i cant say much smoked for 15 years and just quit 3 months ago. but it feels great not to smell and wheeze. anyway go for whats the worst that can happen ? you can't die from quiting right? good luck 04 WR450 04 crf150
  11. dreadrock

    Replacement Starter Button

    wow i like that setup cycle. think i might have to rethink what i have going on.can you tell me what year i can use. or doesn't it matter? thx 04 WR450 04 crf150
  12. dreadrock

    any other mods??

    I've got a 04 150 with a BBR box,adult springs front/back,heavy clutch springs,. makes for a great play bike. small but not slow and you don't have to dump 3k in them . around 300 bucks and you got a Lil ripper. 04 WR450 04 crf150
  13. dreadrock

    19in wheel on the X

    OK then if i may ask a question. why do you put a 20in wheel up front when your racing in the woods or XC? im a woods rider.thx 04 WR450 04 crf150
  14. dreadrock

    Constant oil leakage, is this common???

    yea i have my breather hose running to my air box. i have a 04 wr 450 and dont feel like pushing that thing out of the woods with a dead motor.i know on the 04s you just turn the hose around to face the airbox . take your airbox off your bike and make a hole down in the corner of your airbox.go buy a cunector and a small bit of hose for the inside of the airbox once you have it together seal it up 04 WR450 04 crf150
  15. dreadrock

    Painting Frame

    Dont know where to get the paint . but go with black . just looks cool hehe 04 wr450 04 crf150