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  1. The new Ti powercore is made of tin foil, one stack and that thing is crumpled. The powerbomd header is available in stainless steel, I suggest you get one over Ti. for durability. I have seen a few Ti headpipes crack through heat cycling, plus they ding easy when hot. You can use powerbomb header with different slip on mufflers, not just FMF. I like the WB E2 as it is esentially an aluminium pro. The Procircuit 496 is also a great pipe, it will make more power than the others when restricted up, and you can open it right up also, just like WB E2.
  2. A good trick is to pop the dust seal, cut a strip of sponge and soak it in a bit of oil, wrap it around the tube and then put the dust seal back on. You don't want it dripping, just moist. It traps the dust like a filter, lubes up the seals, causes way less stiction.
  3. First thing, only buy from USA. I do it all the time. It will cost you about $US60 to ship. Secondly, no it won't fit both bikes.
  4. Cut throat pricing? They get their bikes way cheaper than us! The USA pricing for new '07 wr is US$7,199 or $9,600 Australian. The USA pricing for the '06 WR450 was US$6799 (AU$9065) and Australin pricing was $11,999! Still funny to read that they think Husqvarna good bikes!!!
  5. Procircuit Ti GP systems are the same. Race system, but come with spark arrestor. Stick to WB Al pro 2. Well proven on the 250's, and for ~$500, good purchace.
  6. In spec is in spec. You will have more power if at tighter end of spec though. You can notice the difference too, between tight and loose ends of the spectrum. I would take it back if out of spec. You would expect them to get it right. I bet they didn't even check after putting back together.
  7. The old 3 valve vs 2 valve thing. You know, less force slamming into seats. This is one good reason why yamaha's valve train last so long.
  8. I would stay away from 2 stroke for commuter. Mixing petrol can be a big pain, nnless you have constant supply at your house. The 525exc is awesome! Not because I got one, but it is the best compromise in a road/trail bike I could find.
  9. Do you catch much crap with the magnetic plug? Never got around to getting one for each bike.
  10. Sounds what I'm after! So long stroke = revs? I don't want to loose out on top.
  11. you should use a brake snake. It is wire that ties the brake pedal to the frame so it cant be bent out and snapped off. Save you $$$.
  12. So what you are basically saying is one bad post and you are out? Friction causes partisipation. It is well demonstrated. Why not get rid of post counts all together? That sounds good to me.
  13. As well as repack. Packing lasts less than a year in these bikes, the exhaust is real hot in 4 strokes and burns and blows out the packing. The silent sport packing is the quietest packing available, and it is easy to use.
  14. That's one thing I've always wanted to know!!!!! Thanks for the formula! Learn something new every day!
  15. can be done with small capacitor instead of heavy battery.