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  1. yankeeave

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    2004 E
  2. Is the end cap w/arrestor on stock e pipe same as the s ? I have an e that was drilled out. I would like to back to stock. I can get a s end w/arrestor but don't know if it fits.
  3. yankeeave

    Hey where you guys last week ......

    Hubs are talon tires are michelin pilot
  4. yankeeave

    Hey where you guys last week ......

  5. I won complete SM set $650 only 1 other bid ! Bolted right up ordered Sm front fender and SM speedo gear.
  6. yankeeave

    Cheapest motorcycle insurance

    75.00 total Progressive liability only on 06 DRZ400s,06 Yamaha FZ1,84 Yamaha RZ350 and daughters CRF100.
  7. yankeeave

    How Many Bikes Do You Have

    06 Suzuki Drz400s 03 Kawasaki Z1000 84 Yamaha Rz350 79 Honda Cr125r 06 Honda Cr100f
  8. yankeeave

    What is wrong with this picture??

    Had knee surgery Oct alot worse in there than they thought. Feels great now but the right knee hurts....
  9. yankeeave

    chain guard mounts

    on my old drz i cut with hack saw then filed.
  10. yankeeave


    here we go.......
  11. yankeeave

    Unabiker 20 min. easy install

    Before you start make sure you have the right tools. You will need 2 4mm hex keys,10" extention w/10mm socket. The most important thing DO NOT tighten the the button head screws in supportrods. Line up the radiator with frame mounting holes on the radiator guard. Then tighten the buttonheads, Then mount theradiators to frame and tighten every thing up.Done
  12. yankeeave