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  1. Dave Hayes

    07 TC 250 Big Bore Kit

    Thanks! hdh
  2. Dave Hayes

    07 TC 250 Big Bore Kit

    Anyone have any experience with TC 250 big bore kits they can share. I love my bike's power, but need a little more bottom end to get my weight out of corners and over jumps. i searched "big bore kits" on this forum and didn't find anything. Thanks! hdh
  3. Dave Hayes

    Easton making their own handlebars

    Stoked to see someone noticed... Full disclosure - i'm the Sr. Product Manager responsible for the EASTON EXP line. The bar pad is taller for Zack as he uses his chest to "manage" the bike off the face of corner exit jumps and when starting. Many racers are used to the taller pad of a crossbar bar, hence the "works" pad crafted up for his race steed. He's not the only one on the team who wants less not more room in this area. The things you can learn from pros... Our stock pad(the bottom half of the one in the photo from A1) is roughly the same height above the top of the bar as the "brick" style pads found on most other 'fat' bars. It's slightly softer, wraps the bar completely, and with its oval shape it won't catch on cables either. It definitely looks a little different till its mounted on the bike, then it makes alot of sense. We invented with and used to make the 1 1/8" bars for Pro Taper, but we stopped years ago. Our EA70 material we use is exclusive to us as is the larger diameter 35mm design. We pride ourselves in outsmarting materials, and are stoked to bring this system to market. The clamps are forged, and our are unique design. We use some of the same design elements we use on our ultra lightweight stems that hold our carbon fiber and aluminum bicycle handlebars. The eight bolt set up is cool in two ways - it spreads the bolt load more appropriately - thinner bolts, deeper proportional thread depth, and offers the top lock system - set one side tight then snug the other - no more chasing the bolts around. They grip incredibly strong even at our relatively low torque setting, but support the bar very well at a critical stress point without damage. I think they look pretty sweet too, but I'm biased. You all will have to be the judge of that. Any other comments regarding hand guards and accessories are welcome for sure since this is a new size for everyone and handguards are mandatory for many riders. Unfortunately, current clamp set ups are mostly fairly crude with a few exceptions and can easily damage and weaken even a new bar. I personally love and get great protection from my Cycra flags, but have heard others have had different luck. I run them loose which seems to make them last a very long time... We're working now on Phase 2 of our site which should be posted right before the Indy show with all the fit info etc... included in it. hdh
  4. Dave Hayes

    No 2nd gear - 06 TC250

    My 06 TC 250 has a somewhat precise pawl system on the right side of the motor at the end of the shifter shaft. This pawl system appears somewhat similar to that found in a bicycle cassette, and although not load bearing, but helps the shifting mechanism to reset for the next change. If the oil has any grit in it and/or the shifter takes a hit one of the pawls can get stuck - mine only seems to affect downshifting and it's happened twice. The first time after a left side low side, my bike had difficulty shifting down. We disassembled the outer case, removed the linkage, cleaned out a bit of 'grit' and reassembled it. It shifted great afterward. The second time, it started sticking a little while downshifting after two straight days of very hard riding. I changed the oil and it has shifted fine since - 20 hours or so. I would suggest cleaning out the pawls first and see if that doesn't take care of it. bbrrRRrrrRRRrrr hdh
  5. Dave Hayes

    06 TC 250 broken kickstart lever

    Mine broke after wearing quickly at the lower joint the first couple of ride days. Husky covered it with a more robust version under warranty which took them about 4 weeks. In the interim I used a CR kickstarter which although it worked fine, did drive my right foot into the peg a few times bruising it pretty good even with my tech 8s on. The new one appears to be much more robust, and has worked great so far. Good luck. hdh
  6. Dave Hayes

    06 TE250 Oil Screens

    I have an 06 TC 250 and my local dealer here in Santa Cruz suggested that every third change, when I'm changing the filter to check and clean the screens. Seems reasonable - at the break in checked each screen and there were a few bits caught, but when I recently checked them with a change they were clean. Good luck!
  7. Dave Hayes

    TC Transmission Woes

    My 06 TC 250 Transmission started acting up while riding at Hollister today it shifts up ok, if a bit notchy, but doesn't want to shift down. Once it's in neutral, it has a hard time staying in (falls into gear just rolling it around), and makes "tickaticka" noise. I now have roughly 20 hours on it, and this is the first time I've ever had transmission problems with a bike. Everything else seems fine and it's running great. This is my 4th Husky too... Anyone out there have a similar experience? Thanks, hdh
  8. Dave Hayes

    Getting 06 TC250 tomarrow

    The 06 TC is green sticker legal and comes with both silencers - race pipe and spark arrestor. Both made by Arrow - very light and high quality. The sound is very nice too. Spark arrestor is straight through but relatively quiet and will pass sound check at the CA riding areas. I recommend a little lock tite on the brake disc attachment bolts, and have the dealer tell you the starting drill. It starts first or second kick if you follow the drill. I've only used the hot start twice and both times it worked very well. Be ready to break it in for a while - the forks are very stiff for trail riding at first - two to three clicks in from softest setting to start unless you're very heavy. After a few hours you can begin to tighten it up until it feels right - I think it's a bit stiff overall, but it does take big hits well. My kickstarter broke at the beginning of my third ride and is being replaced under warranty. A CR kickstarter works, but it's a bit dangerous as it runs the side of your foot into the peg. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am mine! I have about 12 hours on it now, and love it - especially the rear suspension and how it always hooks up under any conditions. I'll b heading up to Humboldt for some woodsy winter trail blasting later in the week. hdh