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  1. ekzzhughes

    Dilema Of Pipes...

    Ok, I've been off the forums for awhile. Why is the MRD/SSW the best pipe? I have a full yosh rs3 (the old best pipe) why is the MRD/SSW better?
  2. ekzzhughes


    A buddy of mine has it on his WR250 loves it.
  3. ekzzhughes

    Cali Legal???

    I moved here from MO a few years ago with a 49 state street bike with 1800 miles. It doesn't matter how many miles your bike has. The 7500 only applies to people already in Ca trying to buy out of state bikes. You could actually buy a 450X or WR and plate it in TX and bring it in and get a plate. In any case you will have no problem moving here with your bike. I work in the motorcycle industry I know what I'm talking about.
  4. ekzzhughes

    Yamaha has some news...

    Eddie laugh or something. LOL or GK I think is what they say. Let us know your kidding.
  5. ekzzhughes

    Yamaha has some news...

    I have a riding buddy with a 2001 WR250, runs with my 2001 DRZ400. Both hit 85-90 on the dry lakes out here. WR has better suspension in the whoops. WR Much lighter. BTW published performance numbers aren't out and they are always B.S. I bet you collect brochures. Then again I expected this, guys like big numbers on thier bikes. Who cares about performance as long as you have a big number on your bike.
  6. ekzzhughes

    Yamaha has some news...

    That WR250R is going to really hurt the DRz400s is CA. That looks sweet. Don't get hung up on engine size that 250 will run with the DRZ and it's lighter.
  7. ekzzhughes

    warranty or $500 in accessories

    You tell him Eddie. Why do people post statements like that? "I changed the handle bars" the warranty is void now. Where do people come up with this. Its really pretty easy. "IF YOUR MOD CAN BE TRACED TO THE MALFUNCTION" Then you need to worry.
  8. ekzzhughes

    2007 DRZ400SM OTD price??

    Many states don't charge sales tax at the Dealer, like california. If you are hearing OTD prices here a grand below MSRP. That OTD price doesn't include sales tax. Usually if you can get close to MSRP OTD in CA you are doing good. Don't expect that on hot models, ie black. BTW I paid 5 bucks for my SM. lol
  9. ekzzhughes

    Bought Another DRZ400 rode home and no oil?

    are you checking it cold?
  10. ekzzhughes

    TT-R 125L start up & idle issue

  11. ekzzhughes

    TT-R 125L start up & idle issue

    Read this thread and do it. It works. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/sho...d.php?t=170429
  12. ekzzhughes

    Registering my DRZ in CA

    Guys I am sorry to tell you the 7500 mile rule doesn't apply to him. He can buy any motorcycle he wants, daul sport in his state, and CA has to accept the reg. The 7500 mile rule only applies to CA residents. I moved here with a bike that had 1500 miles. As long as you transfer drivers license and vehicle reg. in a timeley manner it is no problem. Buy a CRF or WR dualsport it and bring with you. sell it for $$$$ if you want.
  13. ekzzhughes

    What's your experience with XGX Graphics?

    they are great I have ordered from them twice, never any problems.
  14. ekzzhughes

    TTR125 Stock Exhaust-- USFS approved?

    hey all that stuff stamped on the side of the stock exhuast, that looks like it was written by a lawyer, guess what it says. "USFS approved spark arestor"
  15. ekzzhughes

    PW50 Green or Red Sticker....

    only 2002 and earlier are green sticker, no way around it.