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  1. Thanks for the advice. David
  2. I have put together an itenerary that has me in Anchorage around June 8-9. I am then going to do the Kenai Peninsula for 1-2 days and head to Denali. Then to Fairbanks, Coldfoot, Deadhorse adn retrace back to Denali. FRom there I plan to do the dirt road to Paxson. Then back to Tok for the return ride. I would like to say hello on the way into Anchorage. If you want to ride with me to Kenai, let me know. I will be camping. I plan to put new tires on when I head north out of Anchorage for the Prudhoe Bay run. I guess an alternative idea is to keep a set of knobbies in Fairbanks at a friend's house and put them on for the Dalton Hwy and back. Then switch back to universal treads for the return trip. My biggest concern is trying to get max road miles out of my tires. I do not want to have knobbies on for very long and have worn out tires in the middle of nowhere in Canada. I really only need knobbies for a small part of the ride. I think my universal tires may have to do on the Dalton Hwy. David
  3. I will defiitely try to do that road. Thanks for the photo journal of your trip. It is inspiring and helpful! I found out today from the Baja Designs folks that my stator is already rewound and is 125/125W so they are hooking up a connector for my vest on one line and the heated grips on the other line. I made a grand list of all the parts I need to get before my trip. It is actually not a long list. Just some additional camping items, tools, and a few special items for the bike. I can get it all done in the next month easy. I have been studying Milepost and pouring over the maps of Canada and Alaska. David
  4. By the second week of June I hope to be 1500 miles into BC or Yukon. Thanks for the offer. What are you riding and how many are you? If I see you on the road in Alaska I will definitely say hello. David
  5. --"Be sure you get some MSR heavy duty inner tubes too."-- MSR tubes were only 2mm. Bridgestone makes ultra heavy duty ones 4mm. Any reason not to use 4mm tubes? http://www.kgmotorcycletires.com/bridgestone_premium_inner_tubes.htm David
  6. Cool. That is what I was hoping to hear. Thanks. That little bit of information should save me a bundle of cash. David
  7. Bugs-noted. I have a head net that fits over my boony hat and plan to wear my long sleeve gear. I will take chemicals and mosquito coils. I also enjoy an occasional smoke when I tour. I like to roll my own tobacco. I find that sometimes helps ward off the skeeters. Rocks-noted. I plan to put on a small deflector shield and use my full coverage helmet with face shield. I have a wire cage on my headlight for rock protection. Spare clutch cable-noted. I always tour with a spare when on my Shadow cruiser. I have 122,000 miles on the original clutch cable and still carry the spare. I am waiting for it to crash any day but it just keeps on going. I also take a length of clear tubing to siphon gas if a cager wants to donate some. XR600 is "wrong bike to do this trip on, would use a R1200GS or 950 KTM"- noted. I can afford one of these and decided not to buy one because anybody can do this on one of these bikes, even notable Hollywood movie stars. How many people can say they did it on their 1994 XR600? I am looking for adventure and low cost. On my August 2005 bike trip I ran into a 27 yr old guy in Washington who rode a 49cc Tomas moped up from Long Beach, CA . (www.crappylittledreams.com) I took several of the pictures on his web site. He put a picture of me standing with my bike and tent in the story. Scroll down to see it. I am the "older dude on a nice motorcycle that treated him well". I asked him why a 49cc moped, and he said-"It's all I got". He was living his dream. I can pack light and give my old XR frame a break. I will be posting a list of my items later. In the end, the adventure is about being on 2 wheels and going far away and pushing your limits. It is not about having a brand new BMW or KTM and worrying about what you will do with the bike when you get a flat or crash and twist the forks. I want to do it on a XR600. David
  8. I have a 4.5 gallon aftermarket tank and will carry a spare 1 or 2 gallon jug. Does anyone think I should expect to get 2500 miles out a good "mostly road" tire? If that is possible, tires should not be the limiting factor. If I will need to re-tire in PG or Dawson, it will be a shorter trip than I expected. I would have to get my pre-positioned tires sent down from Alsaka if the local shops don't have a suitable replacement. As far as the weather, it can be hot or cold. I will expect the worst. I plan to watch out for moose, bear, wildlife, etc. If I have to leave the bike on the side of the road and hitchhike home, I will advertise where you guys can find it if anyone wants to salvage it for parts. David
  9. Goinig just east of Vancouver on 97 to Prince George, Dawson Creek up Alcan Hwy into Alaska. Plan to drive south to Anchorage and re-tire. Then up past Denali Park, to Fairbanks, then on to Prudhoe Bay and back to Fairbanks. Will try a different path south to Anchorage or either re-tire to some fresh enduros in Fairbanks and head back to Canada and do alternate highway 37 back to Prince George for diffeent sights.
  10. I live 4 miles from Baja Designs and 20 miles from Ricky Stator. I figure I can get some great info from them. Happy Trails makes a rack that will keep my saddlebags off the wheel. I do plan to have a GPS and sat phone. I want to have a stator that will power my electric vest or charge my phone, digital camera, etc. I can do without heated grips. So all I need is 55 extra Watts to power the vest. I will ask the Baja Design folks if the current stator will handle my vest. I like the wearability of the Continental tires. My main concern is being able to make it from Seattle to Anchorage with one rear tire (2500 miles). Change to a fresh one for the gravel road to Prudhoe and back (1000 miles). Then put on a new one for the trip home. So I want to get at least 2500 miles out of a rear tire. I have only run knobbies and do not know what to expect for enduro tires. My current Dunlop knobby has about 600 miles on it and is doing great. I will run a knobby from Anchorage to Prudhoe and back for the added off road capability. I am very used to cold weather camping. I trained at Bridgeport, California with the Marines in a cold weather medicine course in 2000. We camped at 10,000 ft in the Sierra Nevadas in February. We made our own snow caves and stayed in them. I don't think Alaska in June will be that bad. I would take someone with me if they had time and if I thought they could handle the kind of trip I am going to do. I don't have many friends like that with bikes that will do the trip. I don't like to baby sit people who can't ride. Anyone out there who wants to meet up with me in Seattle or Canada let me know. Doc
  11. Does IRC make a tube Enduro tire? The link in TT shows only tubeless tires. David
  12. I am putting a small windshield on the bike and plan to put a Vista Cruise lock on the throttle also. Which brand of shield would work? The Edelbrock carb would be nice but- they list no replacements for my XR600 and the $450 cost is more than I want to spend. I would have to save a boat load of gas to break even on that. Also, if I have too much invested in the bike I can't walk away from it if it craps out on me. If the bike is too nice I would have to have it shipped back to Fairbanks or Anchorage. Then if it didn't get fixed in time, I would have to travel home and then arrange to come get it, etc. My bike is good enough to do the trip but if something happens that I can't fix, I can hitch hike home and leave the bike for someone to scavenge. I have a friend in Fairbanks who could keep it and I could get it after it was fixed. The info about the tires is very helpful. I have looked at the Dirt Bags, I like their rack, but Aerostich makes bigger dry bags that may work better. I plan to put the heavy duty tubes on and take more tubes with my tire irons and inflator. Thanks. David