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  1. Gumby_821

    Introduce Yourself Husky Owners

    Adam LaValley 19yrs old Lapeer, MI 2005 TC 250 I race motocross and woods and work as a motorcycle technitian.
  2. Gumby_821

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    Man, and you guys thought my post was bad........ But i will agree that i am a few short steps from making that trip to Pennsylvania to kick Rob Keiths ass in person. Im not even gonna sugar coat it. Me --> Rob--->
  3. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    I would just like to say thankyou to everyone who put in a useful response and i hope that some good will come of this. The international motorcycle show is coming up this Saturday (7th) and i will be taking most of your replies as backing behind our needs and wants as husky owners. So again thank you and keep the good ideas coming! ~Gumby
  4. Gumby_821

    Floating Discs

    thanks for the reply back. i thought about what you said overnight, and it makes sense this morning. ~Gumby
  5. Gumby_821

    What kind of helmet do you have?

    HJC AC-X2 Shifter in Flat Black. SOOOO nice....
  6. Gumby_821

    Floating Discs

    I was wondering what the Advantages/Disadvantages of having a floating rear disc brake or what the purpose for even having one is.
  7. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    ...........thank you, that was very informative.........
  8. Gumby_821

    SixSixOne Flight or Gaerne SG10 Boots

    I have the Gaerne SG-10 and after a little break-in time you will fall in love with them. Im also sponsored by Gaerne, and if you get any type of discount on them, then i suggest buying them.
  9. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Thanks for the support colemanapp, you will be happy to know that there are 2 other riders my age in this area. One is 18 and a 2 time Canadian Amateur National Champion currently riding an 05' TC450 in the 250B class, and the other is a talented young 14 year old riding an 05 TC250 in the 125Junior Class.
  10. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Quite true. Ill think the Topic through a little longer next time! ~Gumby
  11. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Husqvarna did have a line of 50cc bikes within the last few years, with 3 diffrent models. that being said, i dont think they imported them this year and i think it would be a great idea to have a 60cc and 80cc models also.
  12. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    The reason i started this thread has come into question and i just want to set the records straight. I absolutely love my TC250 and it frustrates me to see a lack of knowledge, respect, and appreciation for the Italian bikes. In no way was this thread meant to be "mean-spirited". my purpose for this was for Husky riders and non-Husky riders to voice their opinion about problems they see with the company/bikes and some ideas of improvement, and so-far it has been a success in my eyes. I plan to take all of the useful posts and relay the message to Husqvarna in person in hopes that they will take notice and take action. I realize The title i gave this thread wasn't "politically correct" but come on..I'm only 18! ~Gumby
  13. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Dont whine about rain! i havent ridden since october because were coverd in snow!
  14. Gumby_821

    Tell me what is wrong with Husqvarnas?

    Sweet deal! where was the Dealer at, because if i dont know them i would like some info about them. ~Gumby
  15. Gumby_821

    Were are some good motocross tracks in florida?

    Thanks for the site. and trust me, sand is no problem. ~Gumby