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  1. Taking 20 mg of zinc before you go to bed will increase testosterone production slightly. Its not bullshit google it
  2. heheheheheheh
  3. that is impressive. $1900 is a steal for a bike that clean
  4. That video was retarded. The video of the 2005 GTO doing a burnout in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd was cool though
  5. WOW that is impressive
  6. Wow...he looks fast
  7. thanks, I was told the law about turning green stopped in 02. and if you guy can suggest what are some thing I should buy to transform it in to a woods bike? I'm fairly new to thumpertalk, there is alot of forums.
  8. I'm looking in to the YZ250 for the woods! If you bought it in 03 after two year will it become a green sticker? And if so does it apply for the 04? Oh,I forgot what are some thing I should buy to transform it in to a woods bike? I know questions? questions? questions?
  9. Thats a really good job!
  10. Whats wrong with the pics of that slomo guy's wife??? Im sure shes lovely
  11. Women lose weight at a slower pace then men do. 7 lbs in three weeks isn't too bad. The key is to burn more calories than you take in
  12. What would the best year for the CR 250. Im looking to get a fast bike and the big thumpers seem to hold their value too well . What years had the best motor, trans, chassis etc.???
  13. I draw the line at 50,000 miles...its a piece of mind thing
  14. I didn't think you could do that with renthals
  15. The syrup in mountain dew kills your sperm count