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  1. goodneviltwo

    2005 Z400 top speed

    z400 dead stock is 75 mph i am 300lbs (it had a little more if i was a little liter) i did this on a dry lake bed in souther California (just east of Atlanto, CA) i had a calibrated radar gun my Buddy's banchee was @ 79 mph and my other Buddy's ex400 (crapier) was @ 69.5 mph i love my new z
  2. goodneviltwo

    My Modded Z

    nice set up (what did it take to beat the craptor??)
  3. goodneviltwo

    Z400 vs. 400 EX

    my Z put the woopen on my buddy 400 ex (his ex has a fmf power bomb and pipe jeted and k&n, the z is stock) and was just as fast head to head with my other friends banchee (stock). i just go my z last week broke it in last weekend. It was a blast!!!
  4. goodneviltwo

    new z400 breakin

    thanks for the info, i saw that in the "z" manual to about the 87 octane. in a car if you have 11.2:1 compresion you are running high grade not pump gas. i am planing on doing the "break it in hard" method, its more fun questions: when should get the air box lid and when do i rejet, after break in. or during.
  5. goodneviltwo

    Suzuki new z400 breakin

    I am a bran new 2005 z400 owner and i have a few questions: 1. Break in tips for better power 2. Fuel type 87 or high octane fuel 3. I am 300lbs and have the rear mono shock set at the max without making the bike springy, I think the front shocks are cool but I am worried about the rear mono shock any suggestions on a new type or mod to help me w/ jumping and trial riding. I am not racing this bike but I am aggressive and like to go big. 4. I am planning to put the k&n air filter and lid on soon and jet it up I might buy a pipe but I have no clue witch to buy I was thinking of going with a albba or fmf pipe but not sure. I don't want to spend a lot of the pipe but I don’t want it to suck 5. Any other tips and trick I should know about my bike thanks for any info Wade from So Cali