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  1. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    Update I haven't yet fixed the hot start valve which has seized itself, lots of marine 66 soaking around it - hoping it penetrates and frees the valve Next thing - my front forks are suffering massive stiction/stiffness near top of stroke - in fact the fork action has just gone plane bad. Forks are just not smoothly sliding at all. Not sure what's going on here?? Motor is rock solid. Maybe a new piston at 50hrs Around 45 hrs
  2. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    Johnny Thankyou. I guess the whole TB has to be removed from motor do to this or can it be serviced insitu?
  3. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    First problem just arose Following a very wet ride and washdown/storage - I have a seized hot start valve. The cable is free, havent had time to look at it yet Anyone else had this little issue?
  4. Fit KTM450SXF pads to your RMZ250, best front brake you will ever have for the measley price of a set of pads. Try it and see
  5. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    Wow, the forum is quiet lately, where is all the action?
  6. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    To be sure, I dont totally know the correct answer to that, I would go with the 2010 items tho. Mine are working like unbelieveable Yesterday - bike filthy as, always fill up straight from the bowser with fresh high octane fuel
  7. De Racer

    dyno, rmz250 stk vs 270

    Interesting - definitely You wouldnt find it on my bike but for those looking for a bit more tractor at the bottom side, the evidence is clear this is the GO
  8. De Racer

    2011 RMZ250 no brake pressure

    Too easy, a no stress problem
  9. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    How about this hey, just installed the white lean plug for the EFI mapping today - transformed the bike even further Should have done 2 years ago!! The climate is typically hot and humid where I live, should have run the white all the time! Cold climate riders should stay on at least the no plug position, dont know how much richer the Grey plug is over the default
  10. De Racer

    2013 rmz250's reliability

    My 11 has remained faultless in all aspects, valves etc all in spec when checked by the dealer. Just replaced both tyres again and fitted KTM 450SXF (09 -10) front brake pads to really give it some savage front brake power
  11. De Racer

    Bought a 2013 Suzuki rmz250 over the weekend

    Congrats, best bike you will ever own - pretty sure about that
  12. De Racer

    2011 rmz

    Latest update - IMPROVE YOUR FRONT BRAKE PERFORMANCE My brake modification - I have used this one since 2006 and covers RM125 (05 - 08) and RMZ250 (L1 - current) You wanna unreal front brake power but really easy - this is what you do Purchase a set of FRONT brake pads for a KTM450SXF (09 - 10) Remove your old crap pads and fit these. The pads are actually a few percent larger and come with significantly better material You will think you have just installed a full Brembo brake setup!!!! It will still not be KTM braking perfect but dam it will be very close Now in my RMZ 2011 and with a world more feel and stopping power, all without buying larger rotors etc (better again if you do) For best results go the braided SS brakelines or other improved line material and your Zook will have best brakes on the field! Gauranteed. Best pads for this mod are the factory original KTM Brembo pads. There you go, bonus braking info delivered FREE of charge and PROVEN!
  13. De Racer

    SUZUKI - DR70Z - 2012

    Bike going well still Dont ever leave the key on - totally drains the battery to zero. Not sure why they would set up a kids bike like this - last thing I kid will remember in most cases
  14. De Racer

    RMZ250 Gear changing issues

    Seems like your handiwork has screwed up your bike. Just which bit is hard to say, I doubt your oil weight choice has anything to do with it I would say start again on the seal replacment and see if you can determine what you did wrong
  15. De Racer

    2013 RMZ 250 wins Transworld shootout.

    For sure, most of the riding public are missing out on riding the best handling bike of all time, and 98% of everything else about it is near to class leading too. Why would you buy anything else unless you wanted a different colour??