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  1. DeLorean623

    XR600R CS sprocket problem...

    I just changed the gearing around on my bike (1995 XR600R) from 14/48 to 15/45. With the 15 in the front, the cover that goes over the cs sprocket (I have no idea at all what that part is called) interferes with the chain, preventing it from moving at all. Everything is perfect if I take that part off, but I'd rather not, just in case the bike decides to throw the chain (I don't how what the chance is of that happening, but I'd rather not take the risk). Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  2. DeLorean623

    XR600 tank problems

    Hey all, I've got a 1995 XR600. I bought a stubby fuel vent hose for it, but something was wrong with the hose and it wasn't allowing any fumes to escape the tank. I realized this when the seam on the left side of the tank, a couple inches above the fuel valve was cracked. I put the stock hose back on, hoping this would fix the problem. It did until today. After riding today, and parking the bike, the hose was pinched shut when the handlebars were turned all the way left. I didn't realize this, of course, until the already weakened seam burst, dumping all my fuel onto the garage floor. My question is this.... Will I need to buy a new tank, or can this be repaired? I was considering a bigger tank, but at this point in time, I can't afford one (in the middle of a move) but I need the bike. Thanks!!!!!
  3. DeLorean623

    Girlfriend wanting to start riding...

    She just told me she wants a bigger bike. Bigger is better, apparently, so I guess we'll be looking for XR400's. I think a 250 would still work, but she presented a pretty good argument for wanting a 400. Do ya'll think that $2,000 for an XR400 in pretty good shape is too much to ask? I know for a fact that the bike will be too tall for her. What can be done? Thanks for all the assistance!!!
  4. I have a 1995 XR600 dual sport. I swapped my supertrapp out for my stock pipe (needed the quietness -- mostly street for this bike now). The bike came with the supertrapp when I bought it a couple years ago. The previous owner re-jetted the bike when he put the supertrapp on. Now, when I give the bike 3/4 throttle (when in gear and moving), the engine starts to miss all the way up to full throttle, regardless of what gear I'm in. I'm sure that the problem is that I need to re-jet the bike, but I have no idea what stock jetting is, or if that would even be best for me. I live in a dry climate, elevation between 4500-5200 (I move between two cities pretty often, most of my time is in the 4500). The bike is mainly for street use now, I'll probably have it off-road 5% of the time (that's why I have a CRF!). What should I jet the bike to? Thanks!
  5. My girl has gotten me to teach her how to ride on my race bike (CRF450). It's way too tall for her, she doesn't even come close to touching ground. I have a dual sported XR600, and she's decided that she wants to have a dual sport machine also. We want to go used, probably with a cap of around $2000. If it's not a street legal machine, I'll have to turn it into one, probably with the Baja Designs kit. If that's the case, then the bike'll have to be around $1500. I was thinking something like an XR/XL 200/250, but I'm not really sure. Never shopped for anything other than for myself! She's 5'6ish around 120lbs. She's pretty athletic, and could probably kick my ass, so a heavier bike isn't a problem. Any thoughts/ideas? Thanks!!
  6. DeLorean623

    Dual sport riders in New Mexico?

    For resurrecting old threads... I recently converted my XR600 to dual sport... I'm going to school in Socorro (NMT) and know absolutely no one down there that rides. I split time between Socorro and Albuquerque, probably in a 95/5 form (Socorro/Alb) but if there is any one else around that wants to ride, hit me up. 505.350.4432 Tyler