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  1. Is the shed at your house? Would your home owner's insurance not cover the bikes?
  2. colejo

    CRF230 to CRF150R Expert?

    I currently have a CRF230 that I've had for a year that I like but I would like something different. Would a CRF150R Expert be too small for me? I'm a 5' 6.5", 145 lbs adult. I have a 8 year old son that rides a 50 currently so I could always give him the CRF150R a few years down the road.
  3. It's my money and my bike so I can put my over priced graphics on it whenever I want. www.thetwinzone.com/images/corey/bikegraphics1.jpg
  4. colejo

    My New Graphics

    You can get them from xgxracing.com.
  5. colejo

    My New Graphics

    Some people like looks, some don't. To each his own.
  6. colejo

    My New Graphics

    They make a custom seat cover to go with the graphics that I might get later or I might just get an all black seat cover.
  7. colejo

    My New Graphics

    If anyone cares to give an opinion about something I would like one. When I ordered the graphics I thought the numbers would be black because the picture online is of a Kawasaki with green graphics and the numbers in the picture are black. I am thinking about calling them and asking for the numbers in black. What do you think would look better?
  8. colejo

    pics of your 150/230

    Here is a thread with pictures of my bike with it's new graphics. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=346785
  9. I just finished putting on xgxracing graphics on my bike. It's the first time I've put on graphics so it's not the best job I'm sure but I am pleased overall.
  10. I just finished taking off the original stickers and graphics. I tried hot water at first and that worked but I got tired of heating it up so I finished most of them off with a blow dryer and it worked pretty easily. They all came off pretty clean.
  11. I have to clean the bike first but it's nasty outside today so I'll do that tomorrow. I can take off the original Honda graphics though. What's the best way to get them off?
  12. I finally got my new xgx graphics for my bike. I've done a search for graphics and found several threads. I was wondering if some of the old pros on the board can point me out to the best 1 or 2 threads about applying graphics to get the best outcome. Thanks.
  13. colejo

    washout in sand

    Are they really crap? My stock tire is a Pirelli and I don't know about my dirt bike but the Pirelli's on my car were pretty dang expensive.
  14. Here are a few pictures of me on my CRF230 today.
  15. colejo

    Question about jumping

    Thanks Mary. I rode a friends 2 stroke 250 yesterday and there is a big difference on that and my CRF230. It would take me awhile to get used to riding one of those.