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  1. Let me put you all straight - sorry to say..... Anyone that suggests that a 5.2 is far better than a 5.9 really should be working in a timber yard. Both 5.2 and 5.9 have standard bottom ends, and rods that will take 7000rpm without modification. Ford fans and Chevy guys, sorry, your engines are not reliable at these rpm's standard trim. Secondly, Chevy guys get excited about "after market" performance heads with an 18 degree head valve angle (Chevy has 23 degree standard) MOPAR has 18 degree standard meaning better flow !! A 360 manages around 400ft lbs of torque without trying - a 5.2 does not - end of story. a 360 always outpowers Chevy guys, you get excited about buying after market 6" rods - 360 MOPAR have 6.123 standard !! - with power almost that of a 440 big block !! Why do you think that just about every TV company back in the 70's used Chrysler products to thrash on movies ?? - they are the toughest made. Really guys, unless you know your sums, please dont post forums that are incorrect....you see with Chrysler, Dodge etc - they have always been the under dog....when it comes to V8 engines, MOPAR wins every time...fact.