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  1. ahh waited for 3 hours for the doctor to say 'we dont give you an X-ray in this situation, give it a few days' I knew it wasnt worth turning in for. . i just hope it is ligament damage that will heal and not the bone how can you tell the difference between a fracture and soft tissue damage without an X-Ray???
  2. strak

    fractured Scaphoid..........

    im just shy of 2 years on from breakin my scaphoid. 2 operations and endless physio later it still hasnt healed. . Thats what you get if you are cocky and/ or unlucky. take my advice, do not ride for at least 3 months.
  3. shit. my scaf' was showing signs of healing last week with calussing. it is pinned and bone graft from 4.5 months ago. fell on it at footy tonight, not that hard, but i have sharp pains in my wrist again and it is painful. Tell me the bad news is it likely ive rebroken it or just sprained it? i havent a spare 4 hours for an NHS x-ray to check im afraid jim
  4. 4.5 months after graft, and x-ray shpwing signs of 'callusing' the consultant said, was like a bit hazy at the fracture site. He said its trying to heal. . what is this callusing? is it early stages of bone formation or somet else? thanks
  5. good news do you wear it over the top of your gloves n shirt? tried mine on today but didnt feel as secure as Id hoped. what have you set the restriction to, got mine at 20 deg think its the best compromise
  6. maybe a silly question but on my last X-Ray there was still a gap at the fracture site on the XRay - where the bone graft should be? If the graft was fitted correctly shouldnt it appear as a solid healed bone pretty much?
  7. strak

    I'm a patient of Dr. Mark

    Although i have never met this bloke, he has given me more advice than I have received in about 10, 3 hour visit to the local NHS fracture clinic. I think that says it all GOOD ON YA mark! *faith in humanity restored*
  8. thanks. how did you decide on your size - did you measure you wrist waist dimension over you top and gloves does that give a good fit? cheers
  9. best i can see is £230 in the UK
  10. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    hi mark, no they never mentioned this im sure. When the proximal part (nearest radius) dies does it go a darker colour on the X-Ray? Both parts of the bone looked the same colour and luminence on X-Ray. I wonder - if the bone has been fractured for nearly 2 years why has the proximal pole not died if the blood supply was broken along with the bone? What timescale would you predict for healing in this case mark - I have researched alot and am guessing 6 months from graft operation is realistic? And would you carry on riding now or refrain from contact & dangerous sports (with a good brace) until healing on X-Ray? Are home electric filed stimulators effective? Too many questions sorry. . thanks again
  11. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    right ive sorted a link to my dodgy sketch. it is my left wrist looking from inner to outer hand. the big fracture was the original break across the waist. the smaller break i did when i fell off again, just before the bone graft operation. . ive seen picture of dying scaphoids and non unions , and it didnt show this on my last X-Ray. . http://jamesstrachan9254.fotopic.net/p25135799.html watch do you think Dr.Mark? Thanks
  12. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    modern IT soz I cant attach it. .
  13. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    ahh i love the NHS. £30 for a copy of the Xray heres a sketch of the last Xray. LHS looking from inner to outer hand. next checkup ill snap a digi pic when its up. . doubt its much help im afraid
  14. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    many thanks for the fast and comprehensive replies. Yes, the NHS sucks! but, i cant afford £6000 for a private vascularised bone graft which i think is the only other (better) solution. I will try and get a copy of the X-Ray but they keep them all at the hospital on film so it may be difficult/ impossible! Basically it is fractured stright across the middle, and also another small fracture on one side towards the radius. From what you have said, this looks like a very bad prospect of healing Since my last operation (bone graft) i did not do any sport for 10 weeks, then after physio started easy bike riding (As suggested by physio). I have not abused my wrist at all since the Op which adds to my frustration and confusion i mainly go swimming/ running to keep fit now thats about it. At my last checkup i was told it unlikely they would operate again, and they would look at fusing my wrist if I suffer from arthritis in the future. At 26 its quite depressing, although i know things could be worse. . Is it worth pursuing further specialist physio treatment in you profesional opinion? or just give more time. Ill try and get the Xray Thanks again J
  15. strak

    Dr.Mark on scaphoids?

    Dr Mark awesome effort on the forum btw Have you worked with scaphoids much? Im at a loss as what is best to do for my wrist. Here goes anyway, im hoping you can suggest what course of action to take, treatments to seek (laser, electric pulsing kit etc). Fracture March 04. 80mph highside. Nuclear scan revealed fresh break and also damage to top of (ulna?) big forearm bone. Surgery1 July 04 screw fixation. 1 year on it was fairly strong but still only about 60%. X-ray showed non union and screw migrating. Surgery2 October 05. Pelvic bone graft and screw fixation. 3 months post op no signs of healing. bone stable and fracture sperated only a little. fractured in 2 places but still alive. Jan 06. In desperation had hyperbaric oxygen, laser and magnetic pulsing alongside acupunture to relieve pain in press up position. TODAY still no better SO, If you were in my boots what would you do? (limited budget and NHS only). Like would you keep riding, push for further surgery, give more time, buy a home stimulator etc.??? Appreciate any advice Jim