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  1. Have located a 2001 XR200R for $1250. It is stock and does not seem to have been abused. Tires 80%, new graphics,fork seals look good, and no leakage on motor. Only damage is 3in. crack[not busted] rear fender, and half dollar size dent on pipe. Not much history other than owned last two years by adult that rode in back yard and street. Does not smoke at all. Is this a good buy? I am new to sport and unsure of deals.
  2. thanx for input guys. I believe that I'll attempt the rebuild myself. What the heck, if I get to point of no return, then it will be swim or sink,[good learning experience].
  3. Recently bought for daughter. It runs good, although it has blueish gray smoke that has progressively gotten worse. My question is what would be cost approx. for an engine rebuild. I am not good enough mechanic to do , so price would also need to indicate labor costs. I have Honda certified dealer reasonably close that I've not had time to get a quote from. Doesn't need any high end performance parts, just a quality rebuild
  4. New to sport. All the talk of exhausts, do they have specific applications for each , or are some interchangeable. What would be of help on my 1988 xr200, and also my daughters 1996 xr100.? Would a used aftermarket pipe be advised due to money restraints or a waste. I undestand the possibility of rejetting, of which I feel capable of since I had to take carbs off both bikes and clean them when purchased as they had sat for a couple of years.
  5. Thanks for replies. Rode it this afternoon and decided two strokes are not for me. TOO LOUD, TO STRUNG OUT, WILL BE TRADING FOR ANOTHER 4 STROKE
  6. Novice rider, mostly trail riding on 4 strokes. Recently took kx250 on trade and was wandering if there inexpensive mods to make it more trail friendly, or should I try to sell it.
  7. you've got my vote on xr200 class
  8. Found a 2001 front end xr100. Will it fit a 1996 xr100.
  9. New to sport, recently bought 88 xr200 and 96 xr100 father daughter combo. Bikes run well but I need to replace steer bearing in 100. Local dealer wants $125 for parts and labor. Is there any special tools required for this repair. I have wrenched on muscle cars and Harleys, but never on imports of any type. Any tips would be helpful, or should I just let dealer repair. I enjoy wrenching on anything so that is not a problem, and I own most tools that would be needed .