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  1. johnjerk

    Stabilizer for 03 450exc?

    But suspension isn't going to protect you from those rare wheel delfections caused by roots or rocks that will throw you off the bike or the bars into your ribs (been there). One trip to the hospital and a stabilizer has more than paid for itself. GPR V2 at Munns for $299 will give you some bar rise and protection from said incidents.
  2. The 300 is a 2 stroke and will rip like a 450+ no problem. In my experience, Idaho ST calls for a 200 or 250 in the 2 stroke class, but with your size there's little reason to consider the 200. I'd suggest the 250 or 300 2t with auto clutch and left hand rear brake. Both are powerful bikes (the 250 equivalent to a 450 4t IMHO). The 530 has its place to shine, but it isn't really in Idaho ST - too heavy and will run hot. Just noticing you ride a yz450 on ST - anything would be an improvement including the 530! And if you stick with a 4t don't get anything smaller than a 400-450...ever.
  3. johnjerk

    $$$How much will a 450exc cost me

    While still a great price, your OTD probably doesn't include sales tax because it would be an out of state purchase for you. So real OTD more like $8500-$8600?
  4. johnjerk

    $$$How much will a 450exc cost me

    Invoice on a 09 450 EXC is around $7600, MSRP is $9100 or so. I just got one for $6999 (can be as low at $7,800 OTD in UT). There was some buy back by KTM due to shops closing as I understand it that allows for these low prices.
  5. johnjerk

    Moab - March 19-21 or March 26-28

    I'm trying to get things organized so I can join a ride on Saturday (21st). I'd meet you at whatever trailhead. Still a go on your end? (07 KTM 200XC)
  6. johnjerk

    Looking at picking up a 2001 WR426

    $1800 is a steal for a super clean 01. I just sold my 02 for $2700, took 5 days (in Utah w/ steet plate). The 426 will feel like it weighs twice as much as the 125 - beware. They are a real workout in the tight stuff.
  7. johnjerk

    going from WR426 to 2007-08 WR450

    If you don't care about the aluminum frame and e-start, consider getting an IMS tank and YZ seat for your 426. That'll make it feel like a different bike, albeit not a 08 WR450... (me = owner of said 426)
  8. johnjerk

    Did I get a good deal? '08 WR450F

    How could you pay 7199 for the bike, 250 for mods and be out the door for 7518? That leaves 69 for sales tax and reg? Why would you think you got a good deal if you paid MSRP? MSRP is the max they will let you pay...
  9. I have to give a BIG thumbs up to Coyote Motorsports for stepping up with this offer. Whether they are just realizing the power of internet bulletin boards, specifically TT, or they just had a rogue salesman and don't want to do business in an exploitive way, that offer goes above and beyond. You did after all sign the sales agreement. The fact that thier name got a little trashed here and then you didn't make any change in the sales agreement when offered has to be frustrating for them...
  10. That is F'ing hilarious.
  11. How could a saleman sleep at night after taking advantage of someone like this? Did he get an extra $200 for wrecking a young guy's finances. If they fail to make this deal a reasonable one (remove all of the extras you didn't seem to be aware of at the time of purchase) call your local news network and get one of those fight-back guys to profile your story. While you may not have legal recourse, this is clearly a predatory businsess practice. I bet the owner wouldn't like to know his dealership is doing these kinds of deals. Work your way up the dealership's chain of comand first to see where that gets you.
  12. johnjerk

    EFI coming Yamaha's way???

    The best thing to happen to outboard boat motors in recent years was 4-stroke EFI. Yami outboards couldn't be more reliable and fuel efficient and purr at high elevation (I run mine at 7500 ft). My experience on the water tells me the EFI WR will be a bullet proof super performer. Go blue.
  13. johnjerk

    Re-restrictin A WR450?

    The WR450 has very very manageable power. You can putt it around until you feel comfortable with it. They go as slow as you want. I bet it'll be no more than 2 weeks and you'll want more power than you have - especially on the road. Have you ridden it? It's not the 2-stroke of old that wants to run in the power band. If that isn't going to work for you, you could run a smaller front sprocket to slow her down for a bit. Or remove the YZ throttle stop - that is the most dramatic free mods. Some people claim not to notice a power diff with the grey wire mod. I hope that helps.
  14. johnjerk

    Utah Ride?

    The "San Rafael Swell: Devils Race Track" ride some of you had on Nov 17th sounds like a great time (minus the empty gas tanks, of course). When's the next epic ride? I'd like to join. I'm in SLC...and prefer temps of 40+ F.
  15. johnjerk

    wr450 for road use????

    Sounds like people want the best of both worlds and, in my expereince, you just can't have that in the current WR. Trail gearing is too low for the road/highway; road/highway gearing is too high for the trail. Good trail tires get eaten to bits on the road, while SM tires won't cut it on the trail. Don't forget that sitting on the stock seat for 30 minutes can mean a hospital visit. I say 2-3 slow miles (40-50 top speed) on pavement to get to the trailhead is all you can expect on the stock WR, and the highway is basically a no-no (where the speed limit is 75 mph). The bike simply doesn't feel stable in the wind at high speed (80 mph with 18 wheelers buzzing by). My '02 426 is dualsported for convenience (linking trails) and an occasion town cruise when the tire is worn, but that's about it. My $0.02.