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  1. Dont know if this been posted allready but here is the torrent for round 1, good quality too.
  2. It is better than the first torrent, it just not alot better than it. Will look a little better on the tv not as blocky as the first.
  3. Thx for trying Cheers d\lin now will let u know what it like when i get it.
  4. Thx but doesnt seem to be working, getting nothing at all.
  5. Not my doing but here u go,
  6. Set to debut on Wii, PS3, 360 and DS in January 2008, the new offroader will feature a new Endurocross mode that THQ says "pit gamers against logs, rocks, mud-pits and more, illustrating the full potential of the franchise's cutting-edge Rhythm Racing® physics engine." hope these pics come out
  7. Only the suzuki is gona come with efi in 08. they say honda and yamaha gona wait one more year to iron some of the bugs out, and no efi in sight for kawasaki yet, they seem to be sticking with the carb for now.
  8. Im so happy right now..
  9. dammit, i gaging for it now, lets have it plz, i think we not gona get it now, it sucks.
  10. thx man,ur a good one
  11. thx dude
  12. Daytona in all its glory, Great quality
  13. thx from the UK. only took 30 mins to d/l. would it be possinble to go up to about 350 meg for inproved quality for when we watch it on our tv's. cheers
  14. Here is a link to the 96 sx season. scroll down and u will find, plus other races. might be abit short on seeders some stop at 99.9% but u can still watch them in windows media player on ur pc, hope this helps,.