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  1. provo

    ATTN: 85 front end users

    I have a TAG upper and lower on my sons and it will clear the tank fine. It is rounded at the top. I have a pro taper on his rm 85 and havn't tried it on the DRZ.
  2. provo

    05 cr 85 shock

    I have a 05 cr 85 shock for my sons drz 125. I'm going to try and install in a week if I have time. Any updates from guys that have installed them would be appreciated. I have read all the posts. Thanks
  3. provo

    Whats your opinion?

    I OWN 2 drz125L's an 06 and 07. The 06 is fairly modified,the 07 is almost stock for now, only had it 1 week. I'm the guy all of my kids freinds bring thier bikes to to get worked on.I dont think you can beat the DRZ for a small trail bike. Both the DRZ and the TTR front suspension will barly hold up the front of the bike stock. You will have to change the springs in them both. They are both good bikes,but I would go with the DRZ.
  4. provo

    pvc fork spacers

    My son is 100lbs and the riding was mostly trails.
  5. provo

    KLX 125 Chain Stretch

    My sons 06 is the same. Most of are rides are 40 to 60+ trail rides,and it needs to be tightend every time. Put a 15 tooth front sprocket on it, it will buy you more time and it really helps the bike.
  6. provo

    pvc fork spacers

    1\4 is what i used, you could cut some of different thicknesses and mix and match untill you get the preload you ars looking for.
  7. provo

    pvc fork spacers

    I cut mine out of a sheet of 1/4" alum. It depends on how stiff you want them.
  8. provo

    pvc fork spacers

    It has made a big differance from stock,it still doesn't have the power we want but it is definitly better.I forgot to say we also use a UNI air filter and run 15/57 gears. Will be installing a 11/1 piston and stage 1 hot cam in the next few weeks.
  9. provo

    pvc fork spacers

    Use hole saw and drill press and cut them out of aluminum the thickness you want. I cut mine 1/4" and they worked. I haved changed to BBR springs and 20W fork oil.My son likes them, he is 11 and 100lbs. I used a 1 1/8 bit and the slug was the right size 06 DRZ 125 BBR Fork Springs and Frame cradle Yosh pipe open air box TTR needle 20 pilot 110 main