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  1. 101N

    KTM 690 SM with one can

    Looks like it was designed by Peter Stormare. German engineering in the house. http://youtube.com/watch?v=66LS27mW_Fs
  2. 101N

    Ktm 690

    Hey: Any news on the possible arrival date (US) of a Duke III with the new 690 FI motor? TIA.
  3. Hey Live: Thanks for the reply. It's on the US web site, although through the back-door, so to speak. http://www.ktmusa.com/640-Duke-II.47.0.html
  4. Hey: Do any of you know if the 2006 640 Duke II will be available in the US? I'm kind of fond of that bike and I'd like to own one. TIA.
  5. I'm with DRZOOMN. To appreciate what Rossi does take look at what happens when others (Gary McCoy) attempt to do the same. The price of error in Motogp is much, much higher than in MX. To dominate such a dangerous sport so thoroughly and convincingly as Rossi, year after year, puts him head and shoulders above the rest. Motogp is the heavy weight division of motorcycle racing.