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  1. I looked on the Devol site: http://www.devolracing.com/ They did not list it there.
  2. When i do a search i only get the Devol it says "not in stock"
  3. Yeah - i thought of that after i typed the message The only thing i was able to find for the KLX300 was a rear disc guard made by Scott Performance but it was a bit pricey ~$139 ??
  4. I cannot find anything specific for the KLX300 but i do see that DeVol does have guards for the KLX400 ....is the KLX 300 and the KLX 400 the same bike other than the engine ? meaning the brake set up the same ? Thanks
  5. Where to get KLX front or rear disc guard ? I can't seem to find them any where ? Any links ?
  6. Are there any after market rear sets for the DRZ400-SM that will put the feet a bit higher and back ?

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    Thanks for the info - i got an email from GPR giving me the part number but i can't seem to find that part on the GPR section of the ThumperTalk store and that's a bummer ! They've got good prices

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    Is part Number #20-1051 all i need ? http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalog...t.asp?p=468&s=2 Is the DRZSM the same as the DRZ ?

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    Thanks for the info but i got the fat bars
  10. UNHOLY

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    Thanks ! That was my next move was to call.
  11. UNHOLY

    DRZ400-SM GPR Damper

    I have a DRZ400-SM with ProTaper handle bars. I want to order a GPR Damper from the ThumperTalk store. Is part Number #20-1051 all i need ? http://shop.thumpertalk.com/catalogs/Tucker_Rocky_Offroad_2006/default.asp?p=468&s=2
  12. Is there a place online that you can buy a motocorss jersey and also get lettering put on ? Like, http://www.nofearmx.com/index.shtml you can pick a shirt and get it lettered and numbered all in one shot. Does anyone know of any other similar places? Thanks !
  13. Where do you clip the throttle adjusting screw clip ? Mine's just hanging and i have no idea where it clips to. (i know it clips to #30 ..i do not know where to clip the top part) If someone can take a pic and post it, that would be sweeeeet If not ...you can write it out and tell me It's number 29 in the below diagram thanks