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  1. surfrock

    steering stabilizers

    I bought a GPR and it sucks ..... i had to modify the pinch ring to make it fit and the gas tank wobbles now. what a piece of junk
  2. The CRF250X 2006 has a totally different Wiring Diagram and there is no Plug for the Optional Cooling Fan. I just spend and hour looking for a Plug and finally looked at the Wiring Diagram in the Manual and discovered that the 2006 is wired different than the 2004 and 2005. So I cut the Cooling Fan wires and wired it directly to the Battery and i have a toggle switch with no radiator sensor (which typically burns out anyway) and it works like a champ. I mounted the Toggle Swith near the gas tank petcock so i can reach down and turn on the fan at will. Thought you guys might want to know that there is NO PLUG IN ON THE 2006 MODEL.
  3. surfrock

    Opinions about 250X

    Hey i have a XR650R and a CRF250X and after riding the CRF250X i wanted to sell my 650. I live in Vegas and riding is mostly fast although there is some technical stuff too.
  4. surfrock

    CRF250X Dual Sport Desert Gearing

    What is the smallest rear gear (stock is 49) the CRF250 X will pull. JT makes a 46 steel gear that is available for the CRF250X. I do alot of Dual Sport Riding in Las Vegas and Mojave Desert and its all high gear stuff. I have a XR650R with a smaller rear gear and it pulls just fine. Do you think the 46 rear sprocket will be too small for the CRF250X??????