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  1. Nik02k

    manual clutch kit for drz110

    http://www.hondaminitrail.com/KLXDRZ.htm They have a couple kits
  2. Nik02k

    Drz 110 rear suspension setup ?

    I would run the BBR, I love mine and haven't ever heard of any problems, but the TBR doesn't sound bad, but the Elka is a good setup.
  3. Nik02k

    110 motard

    Disk in the front with the most surface you can possibly get to displace the heat, the drum just wont hold up. And I would change the sprockets depending on the track.
  4. Nik02k

    DRZ 110 swingarm options?

    BBR is the way too go with the Elka but that's no where near cheap. And someone else on here was talking about using a crf70 I-shock on a 110 so that you get an extra inch in overall length eye-eye. Which will give you a little extra height.
  5. Nik02k

    Is it me or...

    Check those valves often too! They will slowly tighten up.
  6. Nik02k

    Best pipe for DRZ110??

    Yoshi- you just can't go wrong they been around for ever and there pipes look and sound good.
  7. Nik02k

    KLX 110 vs. DRZ 110 plastic

    Exactally the DRZ tank is yellow, but if you have a KLX and want to swap to DRZ no prob, but from DRZ to KLX you would need the black tank.
  8. Nik02k

    110 suspension ???

    If money isn't an problem and you hve $2500, the rear BBR setup with the Elka shock is the way too go, that's with the Shiver forks too! Other wise KX60 front forks, and in the rear an adjustable i-shock with extended swingarm (whichever is cheap they are pretty much all structurally the same.
  9. Nik02k

    DRZ110 ---Red Sticker???

    Got green for my 05, DMV is human, they screwed up.
  10. Nik02k


    ^Unless it's in a 50
  11. Nik02k


    The CRF 150 is practically a 100 just a little bigger. Either get a small 110 or 50 or go balls out with a CR500, a four stroke 125 isn't going to do much.
  12. Nik02k

    KLX110 New Cable clutch kit.

    The Cable clutch is also a lot less trouble (no fluids) If you have rode a newer KTM you would understand, most hydro clutches dont give you as much feel, they are either engaged or disengaged. They take getting used to.
  13. Nik02k

    KLX110 New Cable clutch kit.

    Honda Minitrial should sell the little spacer to go all out manual.